Valentine's Day (Late)

Our little cupid...

And a funny:

The girls from church brought heart-shaped sweet tart candies over for a treat and Calvin and Henry got a kick out of reading and eating way too many of them. My favorite part was Calvin saying, "Mom! Those conversation hearts are written in the same language that people use to text each other in!" And he cited one that said, "U R Cute." He has a talent for foreign languages.

(I've been busy just breathing and relaxing a bit this week. I have pictures to post of Jane at six months and quite a few innersting tidbits on Ukraine, mothering, sistering, reading, writing, you name it...I gotta get blogging!)

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Sir Nottaguy-Imadad said...

Calvin is right that text is a foreign language. The teens at our church laugh because I spell everything out in a text.

That is a great picutre of Cupid (that is Cupid, isn't it?)