Potty (Training) Talk

I wait to potty train until the boy has the verbal and/or motor skills to understand and be able to do most everything that needs to be done. (With the exception of wiping - that motor skill doesn't catch up for a good long time...) But I think it's important for the boy to be able to communicate that he needs to go and for me to be sure that he is understanding what's going on.

So I think it's time to start potty training Charlie. He had a brief removing-of-his-own-diaper phase, but now he is really into announcing each time he "goes" in his diaper. Only he says things like, "I just went peepee on the table" (because he was sitting on the coffee table, fully dressed, at the time) and "I just pooped on my train track" (again, just sitting on the train track). He thinks it's hilarious when I come bolting into the room to make sure he didn't really...

My favorite, however, is when he announces proudly, with a sly little giggle, "I just burped in my diaper!!!" We usually call them toots, so he came up with the burp analogy on his own. And since he is my third boy and I have resigned myself to regular conversations about bodily functions until they are married and their wives can listen to them, I laugh every time he lets us know he "burped."

At any rate, I'm pretty sure he knows and can verbalize what is going on well enough to train. Sigh. Not my favorite thing...Although getting down to one child in diapers again is a nice thought.


Karen S. said...

Check out this website www.pottytrainingrewards.com This product worked great for our son. It is bribery with candy, but our son also loved pushing the button hearing what a great he did and that he is a Big Boy.

Andrea said...

Good luck. Also not my favorite thing at all.