Dryer Full of Pink

This sight just made me smile tonight. You know laundry is my arch-nemesis, but it is kinda fun to open the dryer door and see it full of baby girlness, all Drefty smelling and softy soft.

I also loved this the other night. Henry is my note-writing, loving and appreciating boy. And it makes me smile that he always puts "realy" and "serislee" at the end of his declarations. He wants there to be no doubt that he means it.

Jane has definitely turned thumb sucker. She can almost console herself and it's adorable to look at besides that.

In other random tidbits, I now "have a Facebook." I don't know what I was thinking. I'm too old for peer pressure to be a driving force in my life, but there it is. I couldn't ignore the incredulity of everyone in the modern world my friends any longer.

I am really happy that it has connected me with my two older cousins, who are part and parcel of most of my childhood memories. And I will try to be up on it and answer back, Uncle Scott. (Although I don't want you to quit reading and commenting on Code Yellow Mom!)

One other thought is that maybe my blog can become my substantial, "real writing" (witty, succinct, meaningful, addictive to someone besides me) effort, and my facebook can be the random keep in touch stuff that my blog has become. I'd like that. Although I've not been very good at either since putting my social network self out there. (Life is what I'm doing when I'm not online.)

And speaking of blogs, my sister has launched a blog (I'm good at dishing out the peer pressure myself!) and you should check it out. She is cute and related to me and if that's not enough, she is telling all about HER life in Ukraine and tattling a little on me. Undeniably Gypsy. Go tell her Hi and let her know that even though my kids often smell bad, they are still the cutest nephews and niece in the eastern hemisphere.


Liz said...

oooo ooo friend me friend me (I can't find you)

Gypsy Girl said...

Tattling? I hope not!! And your kids ARE the cutest, and I love them lots (even when they do smell bad)! ;)

Julia said...
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