She is SO Due

So when I was nine months along with Calvin, I went to church one Sunday and our Bishop took one look at me and instead of saying, "Hello," he said, "Ouch." It was very empathetic and somewhat funny, and I think it applies right about now.

I'm not sure if my family walks so far ahead of me when we go out places because it's painful for me to keep up, or because it's painful for them to seen with me like this. Ah well.

I am getting some special treatment, though. All kinds of seats vacated for me on the Tube. An usher chased down an extra seat cushion for me (because HE decided I needed one - I didn't ask!) so I could enjoy Les Mis in more comfort. A clerk at a street cafe let me have a 30 pence discount because I was out of change - I was scrounging for it and he said, "It's OK, Mummy. It's OK. Enjoy your drink." So nice! I like it!

In other news, we're still waffling about a middle name for Jane. I consulted Swistle and if you want to go weigh in on the Jane's middle name issue, check it out and comment! Some very sweet ideas. I need them. We're stumped.

And I'm trying ot make these last few heavy days/weeks a little more fun, so here's a chance for you to win a little prize...

1. Guess Jane's birth date and you will receive an authentic Ukrainian handpainted matryoshka nesting doll (a "mommy" with four littles, each inside the other!) Choose any date between today and August 21st. Just for reference, I've gone one week over every time, but two of those were inductions, so...it really could be any day. Once a date has been chosen by another commenter, you can't duplicate it, so guess soon.

2. My doctor says I might top Charlie's 10 pound birthweight with this little girl. Whaddaya think? Guess her weight (pounds and ounces) in a comment on this post - if you are the closest guess, you will receive a Ukrainian pysanky (painted egg) - they have beautiful and intricate symbols of life and birth and being a woman incorporated in the design. Just for reference on this one, Calvin was 8-8, Henry was 9-6, and Charlie was an even 10.

Guessing is open until the baby is born and I'll send the prizes as soon as I am back in Ukraine with her.

And that is all.

Except that the next picture I take with a London phone booth I hope to fit inside it.


Sir Nottaguy-Imadad said...

I get first guess? Woo Hoo.

I'm saying August 12th and she will weigh 9 lbs. 12 oz.

I hope she comes soon (but not as much as you do).

Jenny P. said...


August 19th.

And she will weigh 9 lbs. 14 oz.

(uh, holy big babies, mama!)

can't wait to see pictures of the little one. And I love the name Jane. Good luck with the middle name. :)

MotherT said...

I say August 13th and Little Miss Jane will weigh in at 10 lbs., 7 oz. (Or whatever that breaks down to in metric.)

(But my real hope is that she comes today. I hated being overdue!)

HOA Mgr Lady said...

I say August 14th and 10lbs 3 ounces Ouch!

Liz said...

How about a nice even 9 lbs, and August 11th?

And on the name issue - I commented, but in the spirit of commenting on every post (I'm getting so tired of captchas), I am so in favor of Jane Susannah or Jane Miranda. Those are sweet, classic, and sound like *you*

Aspiring FSO said...

Congratulations! Hope everything goes well.

Sara said...

I hope you get to give birth soon! You look like you're in so much pain. As for guesses, I'm guessing:

August 20th - so don't hope she actually takes that long but the date I like is taken.

10 lbs 2 oz. - oh dear Lord! I really hope she's not that big!

Code Yellow Dad said...

Now I have no particular inside knowledge, but I think this little girl is not going to be quite the whopper that her brothers were. I also am very skeptical of the ultrasound weight estimates. So my guess is that little Jane will be 8lbs 1oz. And that is not just because I agreed that if the baby is over 10 lbs Mrs. Code Yellow gets to name her what ever she wants.

Ambulance Mommy said...

:) I like Code Yellow Dad's response!! And I'm so sorry you are stuck being 9 months pregnant in August. Since it's 95 degrees and 90% humid today, I can't imagine trying to be at the tail end right now :)

Ok, I think..... August 15th, and she will weigh 9 lbs 10 oz. I am also distrustful of ultrasounds, since they said my son would be over 10 lbs, and he was only 8 lbs 4 oz!


someone else said...

Good luck to you! I'm glad you're about there. Jane is a darling name.