Hiatus Again

I'm still pregnant.

Auntie S and my cousin are in town.

We are busy.

I'm still tired.

Until I give birth, I am just taking a little blog break so I can fit in more shopping, more nesting, more London, and more naps.

And also because then I will have more to share than travel-loggishness and food obsessions.


But hey - throw out some middles names for Jane if you'd like. Or tell me what you think of Jane Lisette...


Superstahr Mom said...

I love Jane Lisette! It's absolutely unique and gorgeous!!!

And I hope that all goes well for the remainder of the pregnancy... your box is still sitting on my desk...

I guess I have some of that same brain functioning that you do based on the same hormones... (Our newest will arrive in March...)

MotherT said...

Jane Lisette is very nice! How about Jane Nicole??

Liz said...

Oooh, I like Jane Lisette! so classic and European :)

Sir Nottaguy-Imadad said...

Jane Lisette is very pretty.

Let us know when she makes her arrival.

Andrea said...

Enjoy your break!
Hope all goes well.
and I love the name.

HOA Mgr Lady said...

Jane London?
Jane Meridith?
Jane Morgan
Jane Serene?
Jane Rochelle?
Jane Cadbury?? <~~ yummy
BUT I love Lisette
Dr. Jane Lisette
Sounds very good.
Happy nesting and stock up on Cadbury's!!!

Gabriela said...

Yeah! I didn't know you were going with Jane- I love that name.

Have a nice hiatus. Can't wait to hear about your new little one.

Ambulance Mommy said...

in our house the way to know if a name works is: how does it sound when you are yelling both names of the child at the same time? :) (such as: RYAN JOSEPH!! WE DO NOT STICK PENS IN THE DVD PLAYER!!!!!)


Anyway, I like Jane Lisette...its pretty!

Good luck with the hiatus, good luck with the birth, and can't wait to hear more about your baby girl!!!!