Our Weekend in Bethlehem

Actually, it was just one night. And it was in the gym at the church. But we dressed up like Bethlehem and pretended like it was the first Christmas.

David and I got to run the Census table and we bought our dinner from little market stalls set up all around and the kids got to visit the carpenter's shop to help sand the manger, a candle shop where they got to make a real candle, a spice shop where they could get gold, frankincense and myrhh - the whole bit. There was also a little synagogue set up and an inn with no room, and of course, the stable.

Almost everyone who came dressed up and it was quite a fun evening. Here is what we looked like. (Oh, and just be aware that Calvin is not a shepherd boy. He is a Bethlehem boy. That is the only way he would put his costume on.)

My favorite, however, is this little guy. Calvin brought him to me and asked if he could come along, because he was dressed like a Bethlehem boy, too. A "rock-n-roll alien Bethlehem boy," to be exact.

It was quite a party.


someone else said...

You are ALL so pretty!! I love the alien! Too cute.

T.S. Eliot said...

They are just so stinkin' cute. Thanks for the pictures!

Tammy said...

Oh, that is absolutely so cute! You are all just a beautiful family, I have to say!

Super Happy Girl said...

Cute x 1,000,000
Bethlehem boy and alien :)