A Little Sea-bathing Could Set Me Up for Life

We're home. Sweet home.

The sea air and ocean water gave me the best facial ever - seriously smooth and beautiful feeling. I hope it lasts a few more days, because I feel like an Ivory soap model or something.

My feet, on the other hand, are a little worse for the not wearing of shoes for pretty much two whole weeks. Hot sand, seashells, no arch support, lots of walking, sinking in mud, and one VERY painful collision with the tidal pool Tonka truck have left my footsies feeling like they'd rather not play anymore for a day or two.

And I have muscles I never knew existed but that are now very apparent due to my rigorous ocean pummeling and/or carrying small children into the waves. Not to mention sand castle-building. (I'm serious - that digging and hauling, plus up and down to run after boys is a workoput!) I really feel like I have a good start on buns and quads of steel. And it's not a particularly good feeling, I might add.

We left for the 7-hour drive home yesterday at 4 p.m., which I might full-heartedly recommend because the boys slept much of the trip, except for the getting home at 1 a.m. part. That's a bit of a drag.

I am so happy that I swept and vacuumed the stairs and otherwise cleaned up the house nicely before we left (that doesn't always happen in the hurry out the door, you know...) because when we walked in and the house smelled and looked clean and fresh, I was extra happy to be here.

And my bed...oh., there is nothing like sleeping in your own bed. Even if it is only for half a night.

The moral of the story is that vacation was wonderful. The beach was beautiful. The friends and family were great. The house we stayed in all together was fabulous.

There's just no place like home.


Pat said...

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Gina Conroy said...

I LOVE the ocean, but you're right. There's no place like home. Click, click, click.

someone else said...

I'm so glad you're home safe and sound. There's nothing quite like the feeling of coming home and being glad you're home.

I remember a long time ago my husband could not understand why I had to leave the house in order when we went away somewhere. Finally after a lot of years, he realized that coming home to a tidy house was very relaxing!

Jan/lost-strayed-or-stolen.blogspot.com said...

Oh a fellow Jane Austen lover! Pride and Prejudice, Lydia!

Anonymous said...

34 more days...

Moi said...

Oooh, 34 more days sounds cryptic! I love the beach because it smooths out my feet. Sure it takes about an hour of body surfing, but it's well worth it. Nowadays, I have to wear tennis shoes 24/7 because I have plantar faciitis, so no one sees my feet. Your post does make me wistful for the beach.

Gabriela said...

I hear ya, I love getting into my bed after a long trip. That will be me tomorrow night. (the bed will be in a different city, but the sheets will be the same!) :)