Don't Get Too Excited

Ummmmm....I think I've been away too long. I feel out of my depth navigating the "new" blogger dashboard. Is it new? Sheesh.

And I don't know how much I'll continue blogging here, but I've stumbled on a few things lately that need to be recorded (mostly for me) and this seems the best place to do it. 

Today, it's a list. We did some room re-arranging and organizing for the boys in preparation for back to school and I helped Charlie clean his dresser out and move his clothes to a new one. His whole bottom drawer, as it turns out, was dubbed his "treasure" drawer a while back. 

He hoards, people. It's scary but also insanely adorable. About a third of the way through his treasures, I decided I needed to make a list of everything he had going on in there, because it says so much about Charlie. 

It also says a lot about me, because I could TOTALLY understand why he was keeping about 75% of what he was keeping. And that is scary.

So, here you go:

(the quotes are his commentary)
  • 2 dried grapevines with really cool spirals
  • 18 perfectly sharpened pencils
  • assorted sticky-backed craft jewels
  • several hundred 1x1 legos (the boys have a complicated trading game in which these legos are currency - Charlie's rich)
  • a cast-off cosmetic bag filled with 8 bluejay feathers
  • 11 beer bottle caps
  • a handful of Ukrainian kopeks
  • 4 birthday cards from his grandmas
  • 1 Valentine from his Mom
  • 2 miniature paper airplanes
  • part of a packing box - "Because when you put the two pieces together it makes a perfect circle."
  • 1 shiny rock - "It's so cool, because it's shaped like a van...and a gun."
  • 1 empty wipes box and 2 empty small mailing boxes - "In case I need to keep small things."
  • 1 large top of an acorn - "The inside part grew smaller and smaller so I just kept this part."
  • 1 favorite Matchbox car
  • 2 ziplocks of Legos, one of which is only red pieces 
  • 2 shells of large pond snails
  • 1 dry snake skin
  • 3 plastic knives
  • 1 ziplock of shells from the beach
  • 1 crow feather
  • 2 empty ziplocks - "Also for small things I might need to keep."
  • a milk jug
  • a syrup bottle
  • a tennis ball
  • a small mostly in tact bird's nest - "I'll keep this out until the end and put it on top, so it won't get broken apart."


Sir Nottaguy-Imadad said...

I can so relate. I'm 48 and that list is similar to what you might find in my "treasure drawer". My grandson LOVES to go through it and check out the cool stuff that Papa has. BTW- I also was befuddled with blogger's new layout. I came across a lnk that took me back to the old blogger, but I don't remember where I found it.

shabba shabba said...

The coolest thing is the rock shaped like a van and a gun. That IS pretty cool Charlie.

Anne said...

Sorry, I am TOO excited. Charlie is the best. I am impressed that he has his own dresser. Our girls get one drawer each. Maybe that's why thir treasures are just strewn about the house...

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