Will You Do Me A Favor?

My husband hates when I preface a request with that question. He says it's unfair on the one hand because he has to agree to the favor before he knows what it involves, and it's silly on the other hand because I know that he's not going to say no anyway. He prefers that I just get out with it, no preamble, no simpering, no attempt at endearing eyelash fluttering...


Since my last post, Henry had pneumonia, Calvin had bronchitis, Charlie and Jane are still coughing and snotting, and I can't lose the rattle / scratch in my own throat. I want to fumigate the house and never go out again, it's making me so frustrated. But a visit to the ER and a few nebulizer treatments later, I think we really are getting better. I'm not too bad a whiner, I don't think, but this prolonged viral cycle is getting me down.

Anyway, again.

I have a personal writing project that I need to work on offline with a really concentrated effort to finish this month, and then - here's where you (and the favor) come in - I am moving my blog to a new place. I have a couple online security things to tackle and I want a new flavor for my blog, so I'm working on a new platform. I'm planning to switch during February and be up and running a little more focused, a little more anonymously, and a little more regularly on March 1st.

So, after all that preamble, here's the cut and dried request: If you would like to follow me to my new digs, please email me (codeyellowmom[at]gmail.com) with the words "new blog" in the subject line and I will put you on my contact list when I get the new blog underway. I will not use your email for any other reason (unless I already do!) and I would love to have you along when I get going again. I won't be redirecting Code Yellow Mom there or publishing my new site address here, so be sure to email me if you are interested. (Grandmas, I will email you automatically.)

Happy February!::simper, simper::eyelash flutter::


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Andrea said...

hope you are all better soon!
It's hard to ask for a favor without saying "can you do me a favor" first.

Gina Conroy said...

I'm redoing my website as well and visiting "old" blogger friends. Wow! You're family has grown!! Send me a link to your new blog! I'd love to catch up since I've been out of the blogging loop for a while!