Spring Reading Thing

I'm joining in with the Spring Reading Thing again! I really like having a goal to work toward and a record of the reading I accomplish. It's fun to see what others are reading and to see different books from so many different viewpoints. It helps my "to-read" list diversify and make me feel like I am on my way to being "well-read." Plus, it eases me get out of the winter funk and makes that fun transition into sunshiny weather even better. So, thanks, Katrina, for hosting the Spring Thing!

The perameter of the books I chose to read for this spring's Reading Thing had only one stipulation: I had to have the book on my shelf as we speak.

(We'll be moving back to the States in August, and um, books are heavy. I've gone a tiny bit crazy ordering books while we've lived in Kiev because there is no library here and the type of books on the "free" shelf at the embassy aren't always what I'm looking for. But I have to stop ordering or we'll be sunk on our weight allowance for freight going back.)

So, I committed to read some of the good books that I already own. My list is basically one book a week for the twelve weeks of the challenge and includes a pretty good mix of light reads, deeper reads that I've been meaning to wade into for a long time, and a re-read or two of books that I'd like to digest a little better this time around.

Poetry 180: A Turning Back to Poetry Poetry 180 - I'm interested in this anthology because it was compiled by one of my favorite poets ever - Billy Collins. I want to see what he recommends. I also like reading a poem a day and just thinking on it. I might stretch my reading of this book over the whole spring, savoring my favorites as I go.

Son of a Witch Son of a Witch - I've been on a bit of a Gregory Maguire kick the past few months. Thoroughly enjoyed Wicked, loved Confessions of an Ugly Stepsister, thought What-the-Dickens was interesting, and didn't entirely enjoy Matchless. We'll see how this one goes. I'm learning that Maguire is a good read if you don't expect everything to be tied up nicely at the end. His books are more about enjoying the telling of the tale. He does create some delectable and startling and unforgettable scenes and situations. So I'm continuing my delve into his work.

Grace-Based ParentingGrace-Based Parenting - I read this book a couple of months ago and can't stop thinking of the principles behind it. I want to re-read and try to digest and study and internalize and apply it better this time.

Surprised By Joy Surprised By Joy - This is one that has long been on my list and for some reason I neglect. I love how Lewis thinks and writes, so I really want to see this one through.

The Venetian Mask: A Novel The Venetian Mask - The setting and premise of this book sounds intriguing and I've like other Rosalind Laker books. I'll think this will be my sit by the ocean and read book while in Portugal

The Cello Suites: J. S. Bach, Pablo Casals, and the Search for a Baroque Masterpiece The Cello Suites - Here's where I make a confession. I read The Economist, but not the whole magazine - that's David's more cerebral domain. I read the book reviews and the obituary in each issue. Then when David says he read a great review of a book he'd like to read, if it's a book that also appealed to me, I order it "for him." Then I put it on my to-read list. That's what The Cello Suites is. By all accounts, it's an amazing book. And I can't wait. Maybe I will even steal it from David before he finishes it.

The Enchanted Castle The Enchanted Castle - Just have to throw in some good classic storytelling and fantasy to lighten my reading load a bit.

ResurrectionCrime and Punishment Resurrection and Crime and Punishment - Can I really live in a Slavic country without reading some Tolstoy and Dostoyevsky? I think not.

Zorro Zorro - Another author chase. I like Isabel Allende, so I thought I'd check this one out.

The Pursuit of Happyness The Pursuit of Happyness - Loved the movie, wanted to read the real story.

Paradise LostParadise Lost - This has been on my list about three times. Maybe my main goal should be to read this no matter what. We'll see.

I'll try to post my progress and/or reviews every week or two...Happy Spring and Happy Reading!


Susanne said...

I learned lots from Grace Based Parenting too. I think I need to do a challenge of reading what's in my book basket. It is overflowing. Happy reading.

LeesOnTheGo said...

I began following your blog as you were starting this Spring Read last year. It was such a good idea then and it still is one. What amazes me is that someone could read a Tolstoy book in a week! I think I may just join in on the reading challenge this year myself. Going to check out the link now.


Anonymous said...

Tolstoy- Oh how I love Tolstoy! Anna Karenina is such a fabulous book.

Haven't read the Tolstoy you referenced in this post, though! Guess I need to get crackin'!

Thanks for putting up your book list! It sounds really great...

LeesOnTheGo said...

Hi there~ just wanted to let you know that I linked to your blog via mine. I'm doing the Spring Reading Thing too this year!

And just read Kolbi's comment above... Anna Karenina is one of my all time favorite's too (there are sooo many favorites). My middle name is based on my mother's own love for the book.

Happy reading!


Katrina @ Callapidder Days said...

Wow - great list! Lots of variety. I liked Grace-Based Parenting as well, and would like to revisit it one of these days.

Thanks so much for being part of SRT '10!

detweilermom said...

I started reading wicked a while back but just couldn't get into it. But It is still on my pile just waiting for the right time. Happy reading.