My New Job as QC Officer

We woke up late the other morning (if you don't count the 4 a.m. waking) and were in a fog getting Cal ready for Auntie S to pick him up for preschool.

He picked out his clothes (a fool-proof process since I bought mix and match shorts and shirts earlier in the summer so the boys could dress themselves without going too wrong) and came downstairs to get his shoes and socks on while I poured some Honeycombs into a ziploc made him breakfast.

Then I made sure his hair was combed down - he has opposing cowlicks on the crown of his head and gets embarrassed when people touch or pull the resulting sticking up hair, which they always do if it's not combed.

Auntie S arrived and he grabbed his bag and ran out to hop in her van and was off. I felt all efficient knowing that the morning routine really was a streamlined, no-problem-even-if-we-wake-up-late affair.

Then this afternoon, well after school, when Henry and Charlie were both napping (miracle of miracles), I noticed Cal's shorts were on backwards. And they're not even plain ol' elastic waisted shorts, either - they have a fly, and it was on his bum.

I asked him if he had taken his pants completely off to go to the bathroom again. He got all offended that I would dare suggest such a thing, since he's been over that necessity for, um, several weeks now. Only little boys take their pants off to go potty. He only takes them off to take a bath or put pajamas on. Hmmm.

So it would appear that I need to polish the morning routine a bit after all.

Breakfast. Check.
Cowlicks smoothed. Check.
Knowing not to take your pants completely off at all during the day. Check.
Making sure your shorts are on frontwise to begin with. - Needs work.


S said...

You know it is ALWAYS something. Right now I am resisting the urge to take him his "project" he forgot. He just plain does it too much. Tough love baby!

NOBODY said...

Yeah, he's so big, he can keep his pants on. Backwards.

Too funny. Cracks me up when Bo gets all offended that I suggest he isn't capable of something, all while I'm wiping his bum or cutting his chicken. Some kids have nerve.

Blog Antagonist said...

Oh my gosh...my youngest is NINE and he still does this. He is the WORST. It's so bad that his nickname is his name spelled backwards. He doesn't give a rip either. He just shrugs. Boys.

MotherT said...

My grandson used to put his pants on backwards because he said the zipper pinched him if the zipper was in front!!!

Jamie said...

My almost 5 year old did this on Monday.

Ice Cream said...

I'm so glad there is another mother out there who knows the issues that arise when a child has converging cowlicks. My son has a figure eight on the back of his head.

Janelle said...

That happens in our house too! Sunday my 5yo pulled out jeans and put them on. As soon as I saw them I asked if they were his or the 3yo. He replied, "Well they were in my drawer." So he proceeded to wear pants that almost couldn't snap and were 2 inches too short (to church). Apparently I need help in the sorting clothes area.

Scribbit said...

My boys have got in the habit of "forgetting" to comb their hair and I've gotten mean enough that I told them if they didn't start combing it I was going to shave it down to military proportions. It's worked like a dream.

Jenny P. said...

My four year old prefers to wear his shorts backwards. and his underwear backwards. The shorts I can deal with, but can backwards underwear really be comfortable? He also likes to wear his shoes on the wrong feet. Should I put a stop to this nonsense?

Unknown said...

I'm SUCH a fan of the dry cereal in a baggie breakfast on hurried mornings.

Gabriela said...

:). don't sweat it. At least they weren't inside out and backwards.

I actually put on my shirt AND WORE IT inside out a few weeks ago.

I blame it on not having a good night's rest for, um, 9 1/2 years.

Theresa said...

I'm new to your blog, just looking around while waiting for the IT guy at work finishes up with installing software.

Last winter I came to work with one brown boot and one totally different black boot on. It was very embarrassing.