Dejunking Again

I threw a bridal shower for my cousin on Saturday and wrote a paper that was due yesterday, and have been busy and weighed down with other things in between, so I've been a really lame blog reader for the last couple of weeks and really sketchy in my posting until tonight. So, "lucky" you - so many posts in one day. Feel free to spread them out over the week, since I don't know when I'll make it back to the blog world again. That whole real-life thing - it can really get ya down, you know?

But anyway - the real point of this post is I've had these post fragments floating around for a while and just had to get them out there. (My minor OCD getting the better of me, I guess.) Please read. It's cheap therapy for me, and I could use the high from seeing my internet friends come around.

I got free stuff, my boy's thinking about the girls in his life, I've read some good books, I'm learning more about heartaches, and school's in session...Linkity, linkity...what do you thinkity?


T with Honey said...

Thank you for giving me so much to read today at work. I've had one of those funky days, where I just can't focus and this helped pass the time till I can get out of here.

the lizness said...

I get high off my internet friends too ... :) :) :) nice to see you dejunking your brain with not so junky posts :) (can I get any more smilies in this comment?)

Gabriela said...

Hi CYM! Yes, the real-life thing can really get in the way of blogging.

Thanks for the good reads1 :)