Happy Halloween!!!

A big BOO from us to you!

Calvin and Henry both drew the faces on their Jack-o-lanterns. Henry's needed a little reworking with the carving knife since what he drew didn't have any connected lines to begin with, but he is thrilled with how it turned out. He likes most of all to fit the triangles back into the eyes. I love, love, love the smile on Cal's - it reminds me of him.

Calvin watched the white pumpkin grow all summer in our neighbors garden, and when it was time, she let him cut it off the vine. I've never seen (or carved) a white pumpkin before - I think it's quite lovely.

I have a horrendously busy week this week, but I hope to be back at the blog sometime soon - I've got some stories...:)

Happy trick-or-treating!


She Rose Up said...

How adorable they are! The boys and the jack o'lanterns!


Super Happy Girl said...

The white pumpkin looks like Jack Skellington :)
Hope you all had a great Halloween.

Ice Cream said...

I love white pupkins, they make me think of ghosts. I recently found these misty green pumpkin things that make great Frankenstein Monsters.

Jill Urbane, The Mentor Mom said...

Those are awesome!!! Love the shot in the dark :)

Anonymous said...

I've never seen a white pumpkin before - really neat. We had some black ones at our church alternative party last week. '

I LOVE the pictures of the fun with the bubble wrap. That's fun stuff!

Dawn said...

That's weird - I didn't intend to be anonymous! Let's try that again.