Me-Me-Muh-Meme: The Random Eight

C.H. Green from Beneath the Ivy Wreath tagged me this week to do this meme. I like to play along and needed a little jumpstart for a post.

So...eight random things about me:

1. Maraschino cherries creep me out. I will not eat one, Sam-I-Am.

2. I am the girl next door - the one that all the parents LOVED for their children to hang out with, the one that all the moms wanted their sons to marry (I still have a note from one mom to prove it!) and the one their sons talked to about their girl problems but never considered dating. The rule keeper, steady-as-she-goes, rather plain but pulled together - and inside actually quite fun - girl. That's me.

3. I have a high tolerance for physical pain, but I am pretty sure that insomnia and/or sleep deprivation will. kill me.

4. Flossing my teeth gives me the same sensation as running fingernails down a chalkboard. (**shivering as I even think about it...**) But I find the dentist's chair relaxing.

5. I love knowing and talking to people who are "up" on pop culture, but I have little or no desire to get jiggy with it myself.

6. I never actually knew what an azalea was until I lived in Virginia. And now I think they are as much a part of my heart as Aspen forests in a Colorado September.

7. My mom is a hairstylist, which means I got my first permanent wave when I was two years old, sitting in a high chair. And I've never had long hair because there was always easy access at home to a new haircut or style. She's still the only one in the world who knows my head and can give me a cut I like.

8. I was never really bothered by heights until I had children. And now, whether the boys are with me or not, I get a wild mix of vertigo and a feeling that my butt is going to fall off my body, and I pretty much want to cling onto whatever I can and cry until I can move again. It's really not pretty.

Now...I'm supposed to tag eight people to post their own Random Eight. If you made it through mine, consider yourself tagged. I'm just not sure who has already done this one. Do let me know if you play along!


C. H. Green said...

I so enjoyed reading yours. I'm afraid of heights too ...I laughed at the feeling of your butt falling off. Yeah, it's kinda like that for me too.

The Amazing Trips said...

The only problem I have with maraschino cherries, is that I can't pronounce them!! I have such sweet memories of ordering Shirley Temples when I was a kid and having them add "extra chewwies!"

I never liked dental flossing either, until I bought "Johnson & Johnson Reach - Gentle Gum Care (fresh mint)" and now, I LOVE to floss. It's a highlight of my day!!!

Sketchy said...

re: #7 my husband is the same way! And it has been a major pain since moving across the country let me tell you. He can find no one who cuts his hair "right". Although now he seems to have settled on a barber who is convienently in business right around the corner from our house, who thank goodness knows how to do a decent taper.

An Ordinary Mom said...

Cherries are not for me either.

Happy Mother's Day!

Super Happy Girl said...

Maraschino cherries and floss? wow :)
Ok, so if you are eating upside-down cake, and you take the cherry off...can you still eat it? or does the bit of flavor left behind bother you?

Gina Conroy said...

My mother's a hairstylist, too and after she gave me a Dorothy Hamil haircut when I was ten I SWORE I would never have short hair again, and the shortest I've gone is just below the shoulders!!!