Mother's Day Et Cetera

Happy (late) Mother's Day to you!

This picture is Calvin's beautiful ink and crayon drawing of flowers - you should have seen the meticulousness with which he drew the seeds in the center. I love them.

And this post is where I exercise my mother's prerogative and write miscellaneous stuff mostly for me.

I had a fabulous Mother's Day. David gave me a beautiful corsage for me to wear to church. I hope that will be a tradition - you know, once you grow up there just aren't many corsage-wearing occasions. And what better reason to wear one than being a mom, huh?

The little boys picked out a squirrel-proof bird feeder to hang outside our window. It was Calvin's idea ("Mom really loves the birds, you know".) David took them shopping on Saturday, explained to them that it was a surprise and not to tell, then Henry burst through the door when they got home and told.

David cleaned all weekend, rearranged furniture for me, let me take naps and sleep in, plus made some scrumptious salads for Sunday dinner. I was feeling nostalgic for my grandma, so I commisioned him to make her recipe for potato salad and frog eye salad, and my favorite thing ever, mozzarella-basil-tomato salad. And he also whipped up a darn good chocolate cake.

The greatest thing is that we took all the sides and went over to Auntie S's, where Uncle K had grilled up some chicken and fabulous vegetables, the older kids watched the little ones, and Auntie S and I sat and did nothing but talk while we waited for dinner, then they also did all the clean-up. Very nice.

Meanwhile, I continue to gestate. What I am most enjoying is when Henry tells me I have something on my shirt on the lower side of my belly where I can't see. He's really looking out for me. I also like Calvin telling me that this baby needs to be born. Soon.

I have had a hey-day buying onesies for the new little man. I personally cannot think of anything much more adorable than fat thighs and dimpled knees, and onesies really show them off. One of the perks to having a newborn in summertime. I can taste them already.

I have noticed on the sizing of baby items that it appears I will be giving birth to a three month old. Calvin was 8 pounds 11 ounces and Henry was 9 pounds 6 ounces. I don't anticipate this boy being smaller. Perhaps I should host a little bloggy guessing pool...hmmmm...I could think up a prize for the blog friend who guesses closest to his birth weight. And YOU all could think up a prize for ME if I deliver a ten-pounder. Whaddaya say?

I had in mind to post a bit more about Calvin and Henry (there have been some doozies the last couple days), but I think I'll put it in another post.

I have some leftover chocolate cake to go eat.


An Ordinary Mom said...

Happy Mother's Day to you! A corsage tradition sounds like a good one to me.

Both of my kids were on the larger size when born. My daughter was 8lbs 3 oz and my son was 9 lbs 1 oz and they both were ten days early!

Super Happy Girl said...

Cal is an artist, look at those pretty flowers.
Happy Mom's Day!
You look ready to go T :)

Unknown said...

"Continue to gestate." I'm soooo going to use that line when I'm pregnant again.

I love the picture of you and your kids! A few minutes ago, my daughter proudly announced to me that she is getting bigger. I agreed and she also informed me I was getting bigger, too.

Just when do you think she'll figure out that is not a compliment? :-)

Angela said...

I LOVE that picture of you with the boys. So sweet!

I'm guessing 9.11 Not very nice, but at least it's under 10 lbs. I think my baby might be 10 lbs already. Or else, it's the Ben and Jerry's every night. Whatever.

Your Mother's Day sounded wonderful. Yay for David! :)

Carina said...

Looks like you had a great mother's day.

My guess for the weight is 9lbs 12oz.

Just in case you decide to have that contest after all.

someone else said...

I LOVE the flower drawing!! And what a fabulous day you had. It sounds so perfect. Your photo with the boys is really cute. You're gestating very nicely.

The Amazing Trips said...

You look great! Chocolate cake ... ohhhh ... that sounds like something I might need!!


I'd guess the little guy is going to be over 8, but under 9. Or, maybe just a hair over 9. If he's anything over 10 - I'll send you something, just because!!!!

Diane @ A Watered Garden said...

Enjoyed your the picture and thanks for sharing your Mother's Day festivities with us. Diane

Sketchy said...

You look adorable! Love the picture. I'm guessing 9lbs 2 oz just because I think you should be able to handle that easily after the other 2 and I want to send you good thoughts!

Michelle said...

The flower drawing is so cute! I am glad that you had a good weekend.. I agree with you, the onesies are so cute on little babies and even though I have a little while to go, I can't wait to go buy things. I have to purposely stay away from the baby section for now or I will be in so much trouble! LOL

Pam said...

My babies were all record breakers too. When Little D was born the doctor apologized to me for making me stay pregnant 2 weeks longer then I should have been and then the nurse took him and promptly informed me that his feet were already a size 2. So much for those cute little socks...and of course the hospital hats that are apparently only made for babies that aren't born the size of a toddler. His wouldn't stay on and the nurse kept telling me he was losing body heat, etc. and I finally told her I'd be happy to keep a hat on his head if she could find one of those cool ones like the surgeons wear. Yup, one of those would surely stay in place. Oh well, as far as I'm concerned there's just not much better then a chubby baby. So much more to squeeze that way:)

Anonymous said...

I am guessing the baby to weight 7 lbs 8 oz. Yay think small! I too love that picture!! cutest boys evoh!