Male Mail

The boys like it when they get to open mail. Often I let them have the thick "Valu-Pak" envelope full of ads and coupons. Today it was Henry's turn to hit the mail jackpot and he went through all the coupons, asking me about the pictures or what they said.

He came to an ad for Nutri$y$tem with the customary photo of [insert woman's name here] who lost [insert number here] pounds on the diet. She, of course, was clad in an eenie beenie black bikini.

Henry brought the picture to me and said, "Yook, Mom. Dis yady's body is all opened up." I looked at the picture and was trying to understand what he was saying about it when he added, "She needs some cyothes on."

Something to remember when I lose my x number of pounds.


Angela said...

I love your last sentence.
I hope he feels the same way in 14 years.

MotherT said...

Out of the mouths of babes!

Super Happy Girl said...

HA HA!!!
All opened up. tee heee :D

Carina said...

Toddlers just really cut to the heart of a matter, don't they? I remember my baby brother being very upset at all the women running around in bikinis at the pool when we were little.

Tammy said...

So funny!
I'm glad I don't have boys whenever I walk through the mall with all the provotative ads and posters in the stores...especially a certain shop by the name of Victoria! I still put a hand over my hubby's eyes when we walk past!

Carrot Jello said...

If you don't keep your cyothes on, you get cyold.

Dawn said...

Toooo cute!!!

Millie said...

All opened up - that is so darling.