Three Little Pigs and the Bag Man

The other night in the car, I heard Henry talking in different tones of voice while we were carrying on a conversation in the front seat. I stopped to hear what he was saying, and he was doing a rendition of The Three Little Pigs. Hilarious. I had no idea, for one thing, that he could tell so much of the story. I decided to get him telling it on video because it makes me laugh.

I realize that it's probably the language only a mother can understand, so here's the rough translation of what he's saying:

Big bad wolf came knocking at the door, say little pig, little pig, let me in, pig say, No! Not by the hair of my chinny chin chin, then Puff! and Puff! and blow yours house in and he blew his house in. (Then mom and Calvin help continue the story a bit...)

My favorite is how the pig says, "No!" and how Henry gets all pensive when he says the wolf blew the house in. It's just good storytelling, seriously.

In other Henry interest, he plays pretend a lot. Definitely more than Calvin did at this age. It may be because Calvin just started doing it and Henry is following suit. But Henry does voices and comes up with things unprompted that I think are remarkable. Like pretending that the orange fringes on the edge of his favorite blanket are carrots, and trying to feed them to me.

His latest imagining was the Bag Man. Cal was at preschool the other morning and Henry took it upon himself to pick a bunch of random toys and put them into a plastic bag. Then he began talking to the bag, asking it if it was sleepy, telling it that it was heavy. (Please don't call CPS because I let my child play with a plastic bag, OK?)

He resolved the weight problem by holding it with both hands above his head and the loops of the bag around his arms and came to me, saying, "I hold dis bag yike dis and it not hebby now." Then he asked for juice and sat the cup down by his bag and told me that his bag likes juice, too.

I came around the corner a little later, and he was watching TV - with his bag. The topper, though, was when Calvin came home a little later and put a few other toys in the bag. Henry yelled at him, "Dose toys not my bag's!!!"

So apparently the toy choice for filling the bag man was not random after all. It all makes sense in his imagination.


someone else said...

Cute stories, as always. It's just amazing what rolls around in their little minds. My girls had fabulous imaginations when they were little, too. Beth had 6 imaginary friends who all had names and went places with us. One time my husband sat on a chair and she said, "Daddy, you just sat on Big Jack!" Fun memories. I recorded all their names in her baby book.

Suzanne said...

I found your blog through Millie's. What a precious video! You will cherish it as your son gets bigger.

Isn't it sweet to see our children pretend and use their imaginations?

Fun blog! :)

Anonymous said...

I want to squeeze 'im, he is so darling!!!

Amanda said...

As usual, your boys steal the show. :D I love the imagining and pretending that kids do. So fun to watch.

Pam said...

I love that!

When Belle was about that age she was sitting on the stairs and had her "pet rock" next to her. Her Papa comes up the stairs and stepped on it. She lets out this wail -"Papa you killed him!"

She too has such a vivid imagination. I can't wait to see what type of career she chooses when she grows up!

Love, love, love the different voices he uses:)

Katrina @ Callapidder Days said...

CYM, this was perfectly, exactly, most definitely what I needed to read this evening. Absolutely precious! And adorable! "Chinny-chin-chin" and the bag -- I loved it all.

Super Happy Girl said...

I found your blog through Millie's.
I did, really.
Ok, I know I have said this many time but it's all true: your kids are adorable.
The 3 little pigs video is so darling, and the little bag buddy is super cute, awwww.
Kids don’t need expensive toys, an empty cardboard box will do.

Millie said...

I think kids' imaginations is one of the funnest parts of being a mom. Bella with her "misha mosha" and Carter and Harrison's high-pitched "car guy" voices.... what a fun, priceless experience. It's very awe-inspiring to think that they're here because of me and hubby. :)

Diane Viere said...

How. much. fun. was. that!!!!

I love--love--LOVE the "chin...chin...chin" dialogue! He's a keeper!


Unknown said...

Cute. I love the "no," too. My Kyle has started talking to himself all the time. He will be saying, "Dada school? Ye-ah" or something along those lines (Amanda at school? Yeah.)