Day 83: Allow Me to Lament A Little Longer

I did some calling around about the camera repair. The bad news is that I have to send it to the pros in New Jersey because the run-of-the-mill repair places don't mess with my model. *weeping* The good news is that they say most repairs on my model don't cost more than half the price of the camera, so it actually is more economical to repair it than to replace it. The other bad news is that it will take a couple days to get there, a couple days before they MAIL me the estimate, and five to ten business days to repair it and send it back.*wailing* So just how many Kodak Fuji moments will I miss in all that time? I'm telling you, I am one bereft blogger without my camera.

Which is exactly why I bought a disposable a couple days ago, to get me by. I utterly forgot the whole idea that you have to use up all the film on the camera before you can go have it developed, but I decided to get over the fact that the pictures wouldn't be "real-time" and just roll with it.

Then I picked up the picture CD today and exactly 7 of the 27 exposures actually turned out. NONE of which were the ones I was dying to post! *gnashing teeth*

But Morning Glory did just fine without a digital camera the other day, so I decided I would follow in her footsteps with this post.*sniffing, blowing nose, pulling self together* So try to picture these:

Photo One: Calvin standing outside the crib at about 7:30 a.m., reaching through the crib rungs to turn the pages on a book in Henry's lap, telling him about the pictures as they went. This is what he did after waking up instead of coming in to wake ME up.

Photo Two: Calvin and Henry in their new back-to-school church clothes on Sunday. Adorable, all cleaned up after the carefree days of summer. The colors of their little striped polos are tan and light orange and sky blue - beautiful with Calvin's tan skin and Henry's blue eyes. Neither of them go to school yet, of course, but the temptation of the season just got to me. Especially after the 10 for $10 spiral notebooks and the 15 cent boxes of 24 crayons arranged in beautiful towers of academic proportions in the entrance to the store. I'd send you a bouquet of freshly sharpened pencils, but I don't know your mailing address.

Photo Three: Henry holding up a play-doh creation. Completely mixed colors, a lumpy bumpy middle clump with two lumpy bumpy but slightly flattened parts sticking out of each side. He held it up, "Yook, Mom. A Pane!" And I could not believe that a two-year-old could create a plane out of play-doh, without even a discussion of planes going on at the time to give him the idea. Seriously, it resembled one. And in his fat little hand...Oh, Camera, why did you fail me at such a time? *sobbing*

One thing I just don't have the heart to make you imagine is another paper chain photo. So here you go...*praying that blogrrrr will work on the bazillionth try*

(Just imagine those scribbles and what they scribbled over are not there. That's a lot easier than imagining the whole photo, isn't it?) We're down to one tier! Less than 21 links and subtracting! That's right, folks! Daddy's coming home 2 weeks earlier than originally planned. The day before my birthday!!! Woot! I mean, WOOOOOT!

And now that I am in a much better mood, I'll share a couple photos that did turn out from the disposable camera.

I got a special glimpse into Calvin's perception of my rabid photo taking when he begged me, "Take a picture of me and my Sprite, Mom! Pleeeeeaaaase?! It will be so cute!" Yeah, OK. It would be sad not to post such a thing, even with the substandard disposable exposure. (I promise - our grout is gross, but not that gross...)

And not too long after, perhaps because I had made such a fuss over the play-doh plane, Henry said, "Tek pitsha mah towder!" So I got a shot of him and his tower.

And maybe I am partial, but this is just too much ridiculous adorableness.

So I'll quit boohooing now.


Anonymous said...

Too much adorableness indeed! I think my ovaries just exploded.

Tumblewords: said...

Too fun! I'm curious about Rexburg...

Angela said...

Man your boys are cute!
Your descriptions were amazing. I'm actually weeping with you over the non-photo of Cal reading to Henry. That's just too precious.

Unknown said...

Oh, too cute. The boys entertaining each other that morning is very sweet. I think that the word picture is better than a digital one.

Lana said...

very cute!

Hope your camera gets fixed soon, I would be so sad withoutmine :(

someone else said...

Hey, goooood job! The word pictures were perfect and I could "see" every one of them. I'm so thrilled about the short paper chain -- woooooooot from me too!

I've said it before, and I'll say it again, your boys are just adorable!!

Katrina @ Callapidder Days said...

Love those boys of yours! And I especially loved that Calvin was reading to Henry in his crib - too precious!

Gabriela said...

So glad your husband is coming home early! That's awesome. I coudln't blog without my camera, no one would visit my site!

I stocked up on back to school supplies for myself also. Who can beat crayola markers for $1.00 and crayons for $.20?

Millie said...

So darling... that's a fun idea, the photo description when nothing else works.

I thought I had Blogger spanked hard, and I do when it comes to posting pictures I find online that are already sized to fit the blog... but when I want to post my own pics, they turn out HUGE and mess up my sidebar. And without my sidebar, I don't know who I am.

Diane Viere said...

I am addicted...that is ADDICTED to using my digital camera. I have a great case that holds memory cards....and the small hand-size digital camera that travels with me everywhere--tucked inconspicuously in my purse. Well....the memory cards were there...until last Fall--when traveling to my nephews wedding in Kalamazoo ( I LOVE saying that name!). While on the airplane--I decided to take a photo of our family traveling to the wedding and I THOUGHT I put the camera back safely into my purse. However, in the darkness of the undersized storage beneath my seat--I dropped the camera NEARBY my purse--not in it!

The next morning--while getting ready for the wedding--I checked to be sure I had everything I'd need: gift...check......card....check....camera......???????? Where was my camera!?!?!? I tore the hotel room apart--looked in all drawers, emptied my purse, dumped the luggage....but couldn't find it!

I phone the airport--the airlines--security--anyone who would answer! My camera was gone--but the worst thing was...the memory card from my own daughter's wedding was in the handy-dandy storage pocket of my camera case. The camera could be replaced---those photos--ah--those photos!

Long story short--the airport retrieved my camera and it was at security waiting for me to pick up when we flew back home. NEVER, NEVER, NEVER again will I keep such an important memory card in my camera case!

Love your photos--they are priceless!


Anonymous said...

I am always amazed at how cute our boys are. Henry's grin is precious.

Tammy said...

They are cute, that is for sure!

So great that your hubby is coming home earlier than planned! :D And how sweet is that...he replied here!


the lizness said...

I hope your husband has enjoyed your blog and all our comments while he's been away. I hope you don't stop when he comes home (you hear that, Code Yellow Dad? We NEEEEEED her!)

Anonymous said...

Fun stuff, Sis. The boys are beautiful!!! I think they look a little like their Grandma even in the "word pictures"!!!!!

Super Happy Girl said...

who needs a camera when you have imagination...who's with me? huh?
Ok, fine. At least I got to imagine what the paper chain looks like.

I'm reading this oldest to newest -you posted a lot while I was gone-, hopefully in you'll get your camera back in a few posts ahead.