Small Talk

I have multiple ideas for WFMW (chose just one for today) but I am still having trouble with pics, so you get two little boy stories this morning and maybe as soon as Henry and Blog*ger stop tantrumming I will get some patience, come back and try it again. Or maybe it will just happen next week.

Calvin hollered up from downstairs last night, "Don't come down here, Mom! I'm making a surprise!" Uh-oh. I went down anyway, thanks to his announcement, and found a cute little surprise, not as messy as the usual. He had filled four little cups with water and placed them (in a line, of course) by the bathroom sink "because there are four people in our family and we will all need water when we brush our teeth."

Henry tripped and bumped into something yesterday (we call him "Ricochet" around here)and without a pause or a fuss, said, "OosaDezzy." So cute - and I thought only five year old girls with pigtails and British wall-climbing travel bookstore owners said that. But my 2-year-old does, too.

He is definitely two. I didn't realize Cal was out of this phase until Henry started it and it is kicking me in the butt. Again. Oh what fun it is to live in a two-boy crying house!


Nettie said...

Oopsa Daisy! I haven't heard that in years. I really ought to teach my girl's to say that! And I thought it was very sweet of your son to set up drink cups for everyone. And they say that age is egocentric!

Millie said...

I grew up with three "horrible" brothers (that's what I thought at the time) and then had three boys, and I am blown away by how sweet they can be. I had no idea! It's been quite a happy surprise. Your Calvin story inspired quite the "AWWWWWWWW!" over here and I think I even got a little tear in my eye. That guy's a treasure.

I adore 2 year olds. They are about the cutest thing ever - particularly when they learn to talk. How darling.

Katherine@Raising Five said...

Hey, I finally got blogger to post my pictures (after much wailing and gnashing of teeth). I had to download a new browser (mozilla firefox - the button is on blogger's photo problems help page) and it finally worked.

OosaDezzy - so cute. I just want to eat him up!

Super Happy Girl said...

You got a picture! yay! it has not been a good day for the People of Blogtopia :(

"Don't come down here, Mom! I'm making a surprise!" or the dreaded *silence* are both signs that something is in the works.
That was so cute, to think of everyone in the family, adorable.

someone else said...

Your little boys say and do the cutest things.

I love your new look. It's just so airy and pretty!

Blogger has been hideous today. I haven't been able to get through anyone's blogs all day!