Oh Me, Oh Life...

Um, yeah...

Today began with discovering a singing Henry in his crib covered in diarrhea. OK, maybe not covered - just up to his armpits and down to his knees, soaked through his pajamas, all over two blankets, the sheet, the mattress pad and on the corner of his pillow. Lovely. I am truly nonplussed (LOVE that word) - he has had no appetite for three days, only drinks, I thought it was the heat, but it's got to be more, except, as I said, he was singing his little good morning babble song and giggled when I put him in the shower and hosed him off, and he hasn't had a fever.

I changed my clothes (the crib-to-shower transfer was not a clean one), put the bedding in the wash, and fed the boys pancakes. Henry ate two, and half a yogurt, so I thought he was back to his normal, colon-cleared, bottomless pit self.

We met Auntie S and her little girls to see "Cars" at the theatre to get out of the hot overcast of DC summer. Calvin has been dying to see it. It's an adorable movie and I enjoyed it even though Henry barfed down my arm halfway through. Movie theatres really need more absorbent napkins. It wasn't smelly, thankfully, and he just laid down on my other shoulder and went to sleep. Cal sat still and loved the movie and only had to go pee once during the show.

Anyone else gotten poop and barf on them all in one day? Nay - all in one four hour period of time? Wanna join my club? Bring the pedialyte over and you're in.


Other happenings:

I asked Cal if he'd like to get a DVD player for the plane so he could wear headphones and watch a movie on his lap. He looked at me like I had asked if he wanted Henry to barf on his arm. "Nooo," he said, bemused (another beloved word). I explained that the plane ride would be long and there wasn't anywhere to run on the plane, and he needed to have quiet things to do in his own seat so we don't disturb others, and wouldn't watching movies be a good idea? "No," he said again, firmly. "Well, what would you like to do the whole time we're on the plane?" His answer? "Um, I just want to play 'I Spy.'" Funny and sad all at once, huh?

We went out the Leesburg Outlet Mall yesterday to see what kind of sales were to be had - taking care of the "nothing to wear" problem. I found a super cute $28 shirt on sale for $12 at the Gap to go perfectly with a skirt I've had for a while but had nothing to go with. Brought it home (about a 1/2 hour drive) and the clerk had forgotten to take the security sensor off!!! GRRRR. Do I have time to drive all the way back there? Do I want to? No. I'm done shopping.

I went to the Gap store near me and they don't use the same kind of sensors. They sent me to the nearby Express store, and they don't use those kind of sensors, either. They sent me to the Banana Republic store nearby and they use those kind of sensors but before I could explain myself, the clerk looked at the Gap bag and said, "Uh, This. Is NOT Gap." Give me a break. Like you're not the same company or something, like I can't read or don't know where I really am, and like it was this major faux pas to step foot into Banana Republic when I am just a lowly Gap shopper. Can you imagine if I would have pulled out a WalMart sack? But she did remove the security sensor, so I didn't have to drive all the way back to the Outlet for it, so I will forgive her her store clerk snootiness.

When I got home and tried the shirt on with the skirt, Cal said, "Hey, Mom! Nice shirt. It looks...fabuwus." Thanks, Cal. Can always depend on him for appreciation. Good job trying out a new word, too.

I have succeeded in saying no to a few things lately that would likely have sent me over the edge of Stress Ledge, and it feels good. Sometimes it's really OK to lessen the demands on my time and energy and just take things a little slower and methodically. Not that my life is a total ratrace, but sometimes things just have to give, and I have let them in the past couple days. Also, a friend brought us dinner on Thursday (she said her med student husband would be on an out-of-town rotation for two months later in the year, so I could return the favor then), another invited us over last night, and my laundry is caught up. I'm kinda almost on top of things...

But then there's thoughts like this that make my blood run cold (I exaggerate, but it is a worry...): What if Cal needs to go potty on the airplane? There's not enough room for one of us in those toilets (I personally have been known to avoid them and just wait until my final destination for a toilet with elbow room), but two of us? Cal will need my help - the toilets are too icky and he's too curious to go alone. But do I leave Henry back in the seat, or haul him along?

Who but a mother has to grapple with these kind of logistics?

And how would you answer this question that Cal just posed, as he came running in with a produce bag from the fridge: "Mom, do you want celery like I want celery? Do you?" Where does he get this stuff?


rena said...

ohmigosh...poop and barf in a space of 4 hours...I feel for you! The airplane ride will be interesting... trying to picture a game of I Spy from 30,000 feet. Enjoy the rest of your weekend

Millie said...

"Faux pas" is one of MY beloved words.

If Cal needs to go potty on the plane, grab one of the flight attendants to either help take care of Henry or take Cal potty. Maybe pack along the DVD player just in case things go south after "I Spy" has been exhausted. And some crayons and paper.

I hate snotty store people. They're working barely above minimum wage and probably couldn't shop at their own store without the employee discount, but somehow they still feel that need to just be poops. (Hey - maybe THAT'S why they're rude.)

I must again say that I admire your ability to "single mom."

Super Happy Girl said...

Oh ho, I can't join your club ;)
At least Henry was singing, perhaps he somehow knew you would use this in your blog?

How dare you go int Banana Rep with a GAP skirt in a GAP bag? I've never heard of such a thing!, cats and dogs I tell you.

"Mom, do you want celery like I want celery? Do you?" - What a cute little guy :)

Unknown said...

I've really been enjoying reading you this week. You've been on a roll. I will HOPE that I don't qualify for your club anytime soon. I do have my sweet 25 month old here, and he appreciates your site. He saw the truck and said, "Oooh, Wow. Oooh Truck." And the dots he called, "Balls!"

Angela said...

Do you want celery like I want celery? LOVE IT! We don't even have celery in our house. Never buy the stuff. I'd buy it if Ben would say something that cute about it....

Wanting to play I Spy, both funny and sad. That is SO FUNNY. I'm gonna go ahead and advise that you exercise some parental foresight and perspective and take that DVD player with you. I love that you struck up a conversation with him about it in advance.

I have just taken TWO roundtrips alone with my two kids, in the last month. Give the cuter of the two to someone to assist you. Just kidding. Flight attendants are VERY helpful. They'll hold or sit with him or you could take both of them back, let Henry loiter in the food area with an attendant. Don't close the door in the bathroom and instruct Calvin to speak quietly whilst you handle his business lest he shares with the plane, "MY PEE MAKES THE TOILET WATER GREEN!" or "Mom, don't come in here, it will make my pee-pee squish against the toilet if you come in here!"

Code Yellow Mom said...

mugwump, naddin and NCS, thanks for keeping me cheerful - I do it for you, my new little fan club. ;)

Jennifer, thanks for frequenting my site (hope that doesn't make it sound like a bar) - I like your comments and insights, and your two year and my two year old would get along terrific, it sounds like.

Angela, you're a lifesaver AGAIN. And funny.

Can't believe no one wants or can be in my club...:(

You know the last time I flew with a child, the flight crew made a big deal in their preliminary exit row, etc. speech that they would try to make us comfortable, but they were there primarily for our safety - i.e., sit down and shut up. One of them told me I needed to negotiate my own seating arrangement (they had put me and my two-year-old on different ROWS), instead of helping me to my seat or looking at her chart of seats or whatever...so I'm a little disillusioned with the "helpful" flight attendants. But I'll give it another shot.

I'm being obsessive about this flying thing...Idon't know why exactly - it used to be fun for me - so thanks for letting me hyperventilate, blog-style - it's keeping me remarkably sane in real life.

The word verification for myseld is, "iduld." How does one "d-u-l?" Well, I did.

the lizness said...

I was going to say "ask a helpful flight attendant to sit with Henry" but I can see that idea has already been mentioned.

Not in the club at this time, save me a seat though :)

Millie said...

Sorry, honey - you're on your own in the poop/barf club until someone involuntarily joins it (no one's going to sign up for that one of their own free will). I'm sure I've been there at least one time, probably with one of my newborns... but does baby chuck count as barf?

I pity the fool flight attendant that doesn't help my good friend CYM.