Read My Other Post Today First

In addition to Calvin's sweet nothings during our bedtime game, he surprised me a little while ago with his outright scarey smooth talk. I was yanking on the top of my ridiculous low-rise pants and pulling my shirt down over my baby leftovers belly and the top of said low-rise pants for the millionth time today, just like I do every day (when will anyone start selling pants with a reasonable rise again?!), and Calvin glanced at me. Mostly because he was wondering why I paused in mayonnaising his sandwich. Just as I finished the final tug on my shirt, he said, with a sidelong glance, "That's a sexy shirt, Mom."

Wha...?! Did I just hear the word "sexy" come out of my five-year-old's mouth? Honestly, where does he get this stuff? He has more Casanova in him than one would think. (I have to add that he has always given very juicy and passionate kisses...it's a little creepy, really...)

He could tell I was a little taken back, and I think he was a little worried about using a word without knowing all of its implications, because then he backpedaled a little: "Just kidding...Ha!...I just like it."

I'm not sure if I need to let him know that telling little girls on the playground that they have a sexy shirt might not go over well.


the lizness said...

ROFL - reminds me of when my nephew The Worm told me he liked my pretty twirly skirt - I thought, dear Jesus, come quickly because he is going to be one heck of a ladies man

Helen said...

Very cute :)

Shannon said...

How Oedipal. :)

NOBODY said...

Oh my gosh, "Dear Jesus come quickly" made me laugh out loud.

I can't believe he knows that word! And how to use it! Hilarious how he backpedaled too.

You know, I keep waiting for the Oedipus complex to kick in, but I think that ship has sailed with my 5 year old. Or he's just like his dad. COMPLETELY OBLIVIOUS.
Did I say that out loud?