Voluntary Deafness

Sometimes (like in the morning when I'm getting everyone breakfasted and dressed and I'm otherwise busy doing other stuff before the day can start), the Henry soundtrack becomes white noise to me. And sometimes, he notices:

Mom, I ate my bweakfast, so I want cookie dough now. Mom. I. want. Cookie dough. MomIwantcookiedough. MomIwantcookiedoughmomIwantcookiedoughMomIwantcookiedough. MommommommommoMmOMMOM!Iwantcookiedough. Mom, can I watch a movie? Mom, I want to watch a movie. MomIwannawatchamovieIwannawatchamovieIwannawatchamovie. Can. I. watch. a movie? MommommommommoMmOMMOM!MommommommommoMmOMMOM! Iwannawatchamovie. Willyouplayagamewithme? IwannaplayagameIwannaplayagameIwannaplayagame. What? Is it like you don't have ears or something?

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