Certified Smart

No Cool Story had a fun penny guessing contest a few days ago and I hazarded a guess did a complicated but brilliant scientific formula to calculate how many pennies were in her banco.

I won!!
I canNOT believe it!

And now I get to post her fabulous smiling face award in my sidebar.

(Pending my supersmart HTML ability to get them to post properly - I haven't been able to get anything but text to show up in the sidebar for some reason. But after the chili prize and now the banco prize, I am on a roll - maybe I can even conquer Blogger...)

Thank you, No Cool Story!


No Cool Story said...

You are a scientific calculation genius!
And a HTML genius!
And a chili cook genius!

Mommy Dearest said...

I hate to tell you but my kids had a really bad attitude about you when you won, but I think they're over it now that they realize we also got a SHG.

Thoroughly Mormon Millie said...

You are a marvelous guess-hazarder. Yay for you! :) Can't wait to see when you get the picture up on your blog!

a payne said...

Some people are so stinking lucky. You know how when you go to home business party, ie Mary Kay, Pampered Chef, Stampin Up and their is always some little contest with a prize? Right? I always win those. I stopped trying, because it looks rigged with how often I win.

Amanda said...

Congratulations on your win!!! Great guessing, and your award looks so cool in your sidebar.

a payne, okay I'm getting a little worried. Are we the same person?? I always win those too. My friend used to sell Stampin up! so I was afraid everyone thought she and I rigged it or something. lol

Anonymous said...

on a roll, huh? would that be a bank roll?

Frog Eye Salad said...

Uh...congratulations? I'm not sure I should be congratulating on getting a scary person in your sidebar, but I will anyway.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations. Do you watch friends? Scary girl reminds me of Pheobe's work of art, what was her name? I can't remember, I am too tired. Gladys.

No Cool Story said...

I bet you all meant to type SUPER Happy Girl.