'Twas the Night Before Vacation

Cal has a phantom ear-ache. Saw the pediatrician and it's not an infection. But he is periodically moaning that it hurts, occasionally crying, "Whyyyyy? Is thiiiis? Haaaappeniiiing?", sometimes begging for more medicine, and just a little while ago - while I was in the thick of packing the suitcase (which is now, much to my chagrine, going to have to be suitcases, plural) - saying plaintively, "Mom, I just need you to hold me." So loving. So dramatic. So inconvenient. So irresistible. But it looks like I will be justified tomorrow in administering the Benadryl.

I had hoped to fix up some pre-posts and stuff so that I'm not totally MIA from the blog for two weeks, but that remains to be seen. Not only am I a desktopper and therefore unable to take my personal blogosphere with me in a groovy carry-on case, I am going to the land of diiiiiiiaaaaaaaallll uuuuuuuuuuuup and Pentium 2s. So you'll get what you get. Try not to forget me.

I do hope to get on every once and a while and give you at least some highlights, since I will be with my siblings, and that's a party. So stay tuned for tales of the Code Yellow formative years, thoughts on siblings in general, siblings 22 years younger (and every age range in between), siblings as parents, and what my parents and grandmother have to say about lots of stuff. Maybe I'll even give you a little "Best of / Worst of Small Town Colorado," Gabriela style.

But until you hear from me again, I'm putting together a carry-on bag of tricks, attempting to lighten the checked baggage load, flipping a coin to decide whether I should pack changes of clothes in the carry-on, thinking about the possibility of dinner for tonight, trying to figure out what I'm going to do to pack the carseats so that they arrive with all their straps and still in the shape of a carseat after being checked with our other luggage, and (tenderly, of course) holding my three-year-old with the ear ache to end all ear aches. Oh, and trying to get on with this whole vacation thing.

Total misnomer, by the way: Vacation. I'm not vacationing from anything that I regularly do. It should just be called taking the show on the road. Only without the shpanky tour bus and red carpet.


Super Happy Girl said...

Code Yellow's Show On the Road. Sweet.
Poor Cal, hope he feels better, because ear aches are horrible, ear drops are awful and the little guy is traveling, so that’s not fun.

I’ll certainly won’t forget you. Sorry about the slow Internets, but at least you’ll have lots of other things to do, you know, like RL stuff!

Colorado is on my list of places I want to go to. Have tons of fun CYM!! (lots of emphasis)

the lizness said...

I will be anxiously awaiting code yellow growing up stories! :) have a great trip

sweet mama entropy said...

Poor little guy! My oldest ended up sick for the family reunion we went to in May (came down with it the night we were packing suitcases/the car). But on the plus side, traveling with an exteremely worn-out-from-not-feeling-good toddler was actually really simple. It was the return trip when he was feeling fine that was a barrel of laughs. Hope you have a great time taking your show on the road.

someone else said...

Awww, bummer on the earache! I sure hope it goes away quickly.

I'll be here when you get back and bloglines will tell me when you actually get to post something. Have fun!

Unknown said...

I'll remember to pray for your trip tomorrow. If you can survive with your wits about you, you've accomplished a lot. Enjoy your family, and enlighten and amuse us when you can.

rena said...

Poor little guy. Will be praying. Have a great time and will check in to see how all is going. Land of dialup eh? Well, there's always an internet cafe if you are in serious withdrawal.

Gina Conroy said...

Oh, I don't envy you. Two kids on a plane! Can you take your car seat on the plane to use in your seat? Sometimes it helps keep little ones in their seat longer if they're in their own car seat.

If you decide to check the carry-ons try putting them in a plastic garbage bag.

Don't forget my Works for Me and pack those paper bags full of goodies and misplaced toys around the house. Then when they get antsy you just pull out a treat bag which will probably buy you ten minutes if you're lucky!

And definitely pack a change of clothes or jammies. Comes in handy especially when the airlines lose your luggage!

Okay, enough advice! Have a wonderful safe and sane trip!

Nettie said...

Poor Cal! And flying is not when you want an earache. Maybe ibuprofen for him would be a good idea?

I hope you have a great trip, even if it isn't really like a vacation!

(Oh, and I love how you wrote Diaaaaaaaallllll Uuuuuuuup!)

T.S. Eliot said...

Maybe swimmers ear? Have you tried that alcohol stuff that dries your ears out? I'm so sorry for Cal..

Okay so it's way to late for this advice, but do you have carseat bags? We have one that huge, so not only do I pack his car seat, but diapers, wipes, toys, blankets, all that bulky stuff that would warrant another suitcase. I think mine's from the Right Start. It even has shoulder straps!

Oh yeah... have a great trip!!

Lana said...

have a great road trip!! LOL

Millie said...

I just did this in May with my daughter, on the train, and blogged about the hilarity that ensued...

I'll be thinking happy thoughts for you. :) Till we meet again!

Blackeyedsue said...

Awww. Have fun on your trip! We can hardly wait for all of your fun stories!

I hope that you don't go too crazy in the land of dial-up...we are so spoiled!

Moi said...

Have a great trip! Come back soon!

The Amazing Trips said...

How could anyone forget you?! :)

I hope that at the end of this adventure, you feel somewhat relaxed & refreshed. Have a great time!

the lizness said...

are you home yet? huh? huh?

Jan/lost-strayed-or-stolen.blogspot.com said...

What a coincidence--I just posted about packing kids' clothes for a trip. Check it out and see if it works for you.
Have fun!

Gabriela said...

I hear ya about "taking the show on the road"

And the Benedryl, you've got to love it when you are justified in giving it to the little guys.

Have a great trip. CO's the best!