The Jane: One YEAR Old!!

Another month slipped by between posts. Good thing I have a baby to document, or this blog would be completely dry, huh?

We celebrated Jane's first birthday on Monday and she is delightful. She gives kisses, has lots more smiles for everyone these days, and is walking everywhere.

The tutu is officially outgrown, so we did her photo shoot in the adorable outfit Aunt Lesli gave her when she was born. She's growing into her princess queen status quite well.

Happy Birthday to my spicey little girl! We love you, Jane.


LeesOnTheGo said...

She's absolutely adorable! Happy birthday to Jane!

I think I started following your blog during the "month of the grape" or some such fruit. It's been fun to see your little person become such a lovely little lady.


Gabriela said...

Happy Birthday Jane!

I can't believe a year has past. Your boys are looking so grown up.

Have a super day!

Super Happy Girl said...

That picture of her looking into the gift bag is my fav.
Only I also liked the last one...