The Jane: Nine Months Old

Here it is...

The pictures weren't as good this time, I didn't think - I had a hard time with natural light and then, too, Jane has become a very busy moving little target. But you can't hardly take a terrible picture of her anyway, I don't suppose.

Her hair is decidedly yellowy-white (isn't that a nice decided color?), even though it used to have more red. It is starting to get long enough for maybe some accessorizing. We're working on that. I'm letting the girl in me out and we'll see what happens.

Jane has all the cleverness and all the spiciness of all three of her brothers put together, plus an ample bit of girly dramatic flare. I'm afraid (and I do mean afraid) that she will likely be walking before she's ten months old. I have not encouraged that.

I've said it before, but I'll say it again: I'm in for it. She's top of the class at Get Exactly What You Want U.

It's because she is so squidgy and sweet, too. Amazing how someone so exhausting can be so delightful all at the same time.

I actually can't believe it's been nine whole months since she came into our world. Why does every baby grow faster than the last?


Super Happy Girl said...

Her hair is "yellowy-white" :D
And she's ALL cute. Look at those legs!

I love outfits that have ruffles on the bum. So this outfit she's wearing is perfect.

Katherine@Raising Five said...

I think the word "squidgy" describes her perfectly. I think this age is the epitome of babyhood perfection. She is beautiful, and I'm sorry I haven't met her before now!!

I've had a wonderful time getting reacquainted with your crew. You are giving them a wonderful childhood with lots of unique memories. You are definitely not in Target anymore! I'm so proud of you.


Gypsy Girl said...

I love her. And miss her. A LOT. The legs more than anything.
And you just leave the accesories to aunt jo. She'll have some cuteness for her yellowy-whites for next month...

Miss Maybe Later said...

I'm offering a glimps into the future for you! Are you ready?? I too have 3 boys and a girl. Oooh my! Just you wait and see! It's awesomeness, which is totally beyond awesome! She will march around the house and yard barking orders, even though she's half the size of those around her, with hands on hips and a colorful dress blowing in the breeze. Kisses will NOT fix ouies because she knows better. Instead you have to discuss how naughty the ouie giver is. She will be the caretaker of ALL and will wear an invisible crown throughout her whole childhood and hopefully into adulthood. There are soooo many things I could tell you, but I'd hate to ruin the surprise! :D Enjoy every minute. . . even the minutes where you wonder if you've lost control of your house to a tiny pwincess.

Zhenbin said...

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