I'm a Slug

Um, it's nearly the middle of May. And that means my baby is another month older. And it seems that my blog is becoming pretty much just her, every month, in the same tutu. It's a cute tutu and she's a cute girl, but shoot. What is wrong with me?

Don't answer that.

I had in mind to tell loads and loads about Portugal, and it hasn't happened yet. We were there a month ago. How can that be? You should not wait on me for the travel highlights (as much as I really would like to give them), but go check out Joeli's post about it. She's got the highlights there and some fun photos. Also, you should go to Portugal if ever you can. It truly is one of Europe's best kept secrets. And you should try queijadas in Sintra while you are there.

Joeli left this week and I miss her.

We are leaving Ukraine in a little less than four months and I have super mixed feelings. I have been known to say that we are moving back to the U.S. "not soon enough, 2010," but then again, there are a lot of really amazing things and a lot of perks that I have enjoyed here that will be over once we go back. Plus, there are people I love here. Some have also started moving on, but many will stay here, and good-byes are really sad.

It will also be not too long before I have to really consider logistics of packing, organizing, transitioning. Buy or rent? New family car or new commuter car? I'm really not good at change or big decisions that have to be made all at once. I feel like I used to be good at it, even invited it, but I think the older I am and the more little people there are who look to me for security, the less I really go for change. I roll with it, but always in retrospect I realize that I go more than a little Elphaba every time we pick up and have to resettle.

So I think right now I'm kinda in a "if you can't say anything pleasant, don't say anything at all" funk. Bear with me until I get my glasses for the brighter side fixed.

And enjoy the cute girl in the tutu.


Real said...

Sometimes I get like that with my blog. A lot of time will pass where I may or may not have anything to blog about but definitely don't have the energy/desire/commitment to do it. And then suddenly a damn breaks and I post like 7 posts in one day and then go on my merry blogging way. It's ok. Your readers will wait patiently.

S said...

Man I really wish I was an elegant writer. I have things to say dang it. (Dont dis myability) Anyhow I have been thinking about my pregnancy with Thomas and how stinking tired I was. I felt so guilty for not being able to move. And I have had times since where I just do not function. My yoga (lol at the my) instructor always says "listen to the body." Well I think that is the key here. Sometimes the green light is on, sometimes its yellow and other times it is flat out RED!!

:) Wow I cant believe your time up there is almost up.

Super Happy Girl said...

To me it's just like you moved over there just a few months ago.
But then again, I didn't even know you had a cute baby in a tutu, so I'm way behind when it comes to news.

I am always impressed with families who move internationally. I don't know how they do it.

Code Yellow Mom said...

Real and S, it is so nice to hear from both of you that it's OK to pause...you girls are two excellent and busy mommas. It just always feels good to be in good company. :)

SHG - awww. I think I will have to bring my cute girl in tutu to visit you. Maybe we can meet in Iowa/Missouri? Cuz there's a couple red-headed girls there that I haven't gotten enough of the last couple of years, and also I've been dying, for like, years, to meet my favorite short Mexican. :)We can get all caught up then!

Gypsy Girl said...

Cute girl in a tutu please.... I'm going crazy without my daily dose, so I'm not even complaining that she consumes your blog these days!
I miss you too.