Alone Time

The other day Calvin was in need of some wind-down, chill-out, get a hold of yourself time, which I suggested he take in his room, far away from the living room, where "everyone was frustrating him."

He responded by turning a little red and saying with barely controlled extreme exasparation: "That will not help anything! Because as soon as I go to that end of the house, it will be occupied by them, because they migrate to wherever someone is."

And when I started laughing at the word "occupied" and harder at the word "migrate" and harder every time he waved his hand in a gesture toward "them," he pretty much screamed at me, "Why is any of this funny?"

I don't know. You tell me.


Real said...

Poor kid. It just IS funny!

Linda Stahr said...

why is it funny? because at his tender age, he is realizing that no matter what, he is never alone... and because little kids are funny.

Super Happy Girl said...

Fer sure sum fancy speaking that boy has!

:D What a cutie. If he just knew most adult don't talk like that.

Sir Nottaguy-Imadad said...

I love it when kids use words that are bigger than they are.