Ten for Tuesday

Today is just a small list of things to tell:

1. Happy Birthday to my Dad! Nothing can change how much I love and appreciate you and I wish we could spend more time with you. Hope your day is great.

2. Charlie wants everything "deep." It's his way of explaining that he wants more. It originated with wanting deeper juice in his cup, but has now grown to include snacks and toys. He wants deeper train cars, and if you only give him three chips, he tells you that they aren't deep - that means he wants at least four.

3. Henry - our family's most likely to fall, trip, topple, or stumble even from a stationery position - has a nearly perfect Center of Balance on Wii Fit. Hmmmm....

4. Calvin has been really snuggly lately. He will sit close to me on the couch or lay his head on my lap. I like it a lot, because he has always been very particular about his personal space. I think there's a leeeeetle part of him that still wants to be my baby. And that's fine by me.

5. Jane's first little tooth poked up on the bottom and another is right behind it. OK. So the process is not making either of us happy, but she looks cute. Now I just have to figure out baby food. I have to make my own because there is a totally different idea of "first foods" here, not to mention that added sugar doesn't seem to be a problem in baby foods and juices, and other ingredients on the label are not intelligible to me. Pureed carrots, anyone?

6. Overheard: (After Henry started some potty humor monologue and Calvin was laughing hysterically, Henry was trying with all his might to get Aunt Jo to crack up, too.)

Aunt Jo: Yeah, girls don't really think that kind of thing is funny.
Calvin: I do!
Aunt Jo: You're not a girl.
Henry: But it is funny!
Aunt Jo: And you'll think it's funny for the rest of your life. That's the sad thing.
Calvin: (all serious) Why is that sad, Aunt Jo?

The other sad thing is that most guys also wonder why that's sad.

7. I turned Aunt Jo into a brunette.

8. Overheard:

Charlie: I want some juice, stupid-head!
Dad: No way. I don't get juice for people who say ugly words.
Charlie: OK. I want some juice, nice head.

9. It has snowed and snowed and snowed. And neither sidewalks nor streets are plowed here. The main roads are mostly driven and melted clean, but the road on the little hill in front of our house provides continual amusement. Video footage coming soon. I'm also a bit home-bound because of the snow - we've gotten stuck several times coming or going to the store and church. Not fun with littles along.

10. David and I went on a date on a blizzard night. After getting stuck trying to get out of our alley drive, we decided to leave the car in the garage and walked to a sushi place a few blocks a way. It was eery quiet and foggy and dark and very Soviet feeling out as we took one step, slid a half step back, all the way. But it was fun! He has a very busy (late-night working) few weeks coming up, so we were so glad ot get out a while, just the two of us. (Thanks, Jo!)

And now, boys are back in school and my life can settle just a little during the days. We'll see what that will do for Code Yellow Mom.

P.S. I've lost 15 pounds since Jane was born. Trying not to psych myself out because I want to keep on it, but I feel really good. None of my pants stay on very well.

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