The Jane: Five Months Old

I'm not sure what it says about my life that the only thing I manage to post on the blog is a monthly photo shoot of the baby.

Maybe it says I have SO MUCH going on and I can't find time to blog?

Maybe it says I have TOO LITTLE going on and I can't find anything to blog?

Maybe it says my blogginess is waning? Because certainly three little boys in Ukraine should supply plenty of blog fodder, one would think.

Maybe it just says I have a fourth baby. And that says it all.

Well anyway, here's Jane at five months old.

She cut teeth this week, which accounts for the copious amounts of slobber in some of the photos and some funny little smiles. I actually think she's been teething since birth...She is the only one of my babies who has absolutely loved teethers and rattles and rings to chew on at this age. (All the boys chewed stuff later, after they had teeth. Oh wait, they still do it. Like puppies, really.)

Jane rolls over like crazy and practically crawls, if she could coordinate the arms a tiny bit better. She can pretty much scoot and roll around the whole living room, but she doesn't sit up on her own yet!

She answers back with funny sounds, trying to copy whoever is talking to her, and her best smiles are still reserved for her brothers. (Calvin helped with this month's photo shoot.)

She is outgrowing her 3-6 months clothes more quickly than I would like, but she is not outgrowing her need for mom and only mom. It is seriously uncanny how I can put her down to sleep soundly and decide to run to the pharmacy on the corner and the minute the door clicks shut behind me, she is wailing unconsolably until I get back. She knows when I leave her. And no one else will do while I'm gone. I'm not exaggerating, either. Sigh.

It has been nice that Aunt Jo is here to snuggle and bathe and rock Jane a little - she's a good substitute a lot of the time. And Jane is trying to give Dad a chance, too. Someday I will be able to go on an errand without the haunting feeling that my baby is screaming the whole time I'm away.

In the meantime, I'm all Jane's. Or so she (and the blog) would have you think.


MotherT said...

She's soooo cute! I love those drooly smiles at this age.

Sir Nottaguy-Imadad said...

Cute pics.

That's the nice thing about having a baby around. If nothing exciting is happening you your neck of the woods,post some new baby pics. It's always a hit with the interwebbies.

Andrea said...

And I can relate to being the only one to console. I'd always feel bad going out because I'd come home to a screaming baby. Or dh would call and I'd leave early. I'd mostly take him everywhere, or stay home. But now that he's 20 months I can do an errand and all is well.
It stinks.

someone else said...

Jane looks like she's a really happy baby. What a cutie pie!