You Should Live Here

I know that one of my friends had a post (or posts) with this title, telling about funny, fun, outrageous or interesting things about the place she lived. I liked the idea and have been wanting to use it, but now (maybe because of the depletion of brain cells?) I can't remember who I'm stealing the idea from. So whoever you are, just remember that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. And I'll pay you royalties or something.

Anyway, in an effort to laugh a bit and appreciate a bit, I thought from time to time I would post reasons you should live here. I will try to keep most of the sarcasm out, but I can't guarantee that every once in a while there won't be a tongue in cheek reason that you should relocate. I'll let you decide if I'm serious. And if my reasons to live here compel you to visit, if not flat out move here, let me know. We've got extra beds. We'll leave the light on.

So...(drumroll)...today's reason that you should live here is...

Mayonnaise in a bag.

When I lived here before, they had all kinds of things in bags - mayo, milk, sour cream, kefir (sour yogurt milk stuff), yogurt, you name it. I didn't like it much because the bags had two problems: they could not stand upright, and you had to open them with scissors, so once they were open, you had to move them to a different container. This usually meant a recycled jar of some sort. One that often retained its smell of pickles or eggplant ikra or dilly garlic canned tomatoes.

But now, thirteen years later, innovation has reared it's shy little head in Ukraine and they have bagged liquid items with flat or pleated bottoms AND a screw-on lid on one corner of the bag. It's a beautiful thing.

The mayo bag made it fabulous to pack sandwich fixin's for our road trip and just squirt it right on the bread. It took less room in the cooler than a jar or bottle would have, and I didn't need to think about packing - or being able to adequately clean - a mayo-spreading knife while we traveled.

It made me so happy that I expanded and bought bagged sour cream for the first time this week. We used it on tacos last night and felt like we were at Taco Bell, just squirting our little blip of cream across the top of the meat, salsa and salad.

(Taco Bell is a dream thing here, since an actual "run to the border" would mean crossing Europe and the Atlantic, and every now and then a person desperately wishes for a fix of Americanized ethnic food to go...never take that for granted!)

It also made me think of what fun I can have when I make borsch - squirting little smiley faces of sour cream into my boys' bowls. They will love it.

I like it. I like it a lot. And what makes me more happy is that the brand name of the sour cream is "Jolly Milkman." He makes all your dairy dreams come true. With a smile.

So, you should live here. Because they have mayo and sour cream in a bag.


And now, not related to condiments, but still squeezable, a picture I just had to add:

I got up one morning during our trip and found the boys sound asleep like this. You can see Henry's hand resting on Calvin's arm, and if you look closely you can see that it is Henry's hand under Calvin's cheek. They were practically nose to nose, sound asleep. So precious. They want me to keep them.


megachick said...

that picture is absolutely adorable! you have such amazing little boys.
oh, and sour cream in a reclosable/pourable bag=awesome.

Z. Marie said...

I love the condiments-in-a-bag idea. It's great they have sour cream there. We rarely could find it in Trinidad (and when I did I would hoard it, leading my husband to think I was crazy).
And what a cute photo! The closest I can come these days is waking up with my 8-year-old's feet in my face. (Since we're on medevac and my husband isn't with us, she sleeps in my bed. It's a king size one, so you'd think there would be plenty of room. You'd be wrong.)

Linda Stahr said...

I love it. All those Mayonaise memories... I'm going to have to go to the little Russian Store in Portland to find out if they have Mayo or Smetana in a bag... What a NOVEL idea! Makes me want to come back...

And I am going to laugh all day about the Incredible Shrinking Women. I think it's a marvelous idea, and one that might just catch on if some old ladies that I know ever get wind of it...

Glad you're back.

Jenny P. said...

Love, love, love the picture! So sweet. :)

So, do you have to refrigerate the mayonnaise in a bag? I always wonder why we are so adamant about putting ketchup and mayonnaise in a bag when we eat fast food ketchup and chikfila mayo all the time and it isn't refrigerated... and that has nothing to do with your post except that it's about condiments.

And well, you did start that. I'm glad they've improved things over there. Opening mayonnaise with scissors sounds most mighty annoying.

Liz said...

I love the boys sleeping together, that is priceless.

I would way rather have ketchup, mustard, mayo, anything in a small condiment packet that is disposable once opened, because of all of the gunk that builds up on the lid. yuk.

Katrina said...

Oh my goodness. That picture of the boys is just too precious for words. I love it!

On another note, why are my kids such light sleepers? If I took their picture, they would most definitely wake up...immediately. They usually wake up if I so much as open their bedroom doors.

Sir Nottaguy-Imadad said...

I could never fiqure out how you know if sour cream is any good. It's soured to begin with. Whatever.

The picture of your boys is too cute.

Gabriela said...

Sour cream is tough to come by here-but I think we do have the mayo in a bag. I import miracle whip, so I haven't noticed.

it's good to focus on the good things in a place-even if it's just condiments!

That picture is very sweet-you should hang it on your fridge and when you feel kid-frustration coming on just look at it for a minute. :)

TulipGirl said...

Your "Jolly Milkman" reminded me of this, which always makes me smile:


I never got used to the taste of mayo in Kyiv. Then again, I hardly like it in the States. But one thing I miss so much is buying juice in tetrapak boxes. How great it was to buy pineapple juice and freeze it and then make pina coladas (with overpriced imported rum and wonderful can't-find-in-the-States coconut flavored sweetened condensed milk!)

Lei said...

Sold! Lol.

The Amazing Trips said...

Oh, my heart. That picture.

I love it.