When You Hang Out With Calvin

You hear little gems like these:

About the ticket lady on the trolley bus (who was sitting about two feet away from us, but doesn't understand English...We're going to have to reshape our talking about people habits when we leave here, I'm afraid.): "She looks like one tough, tired old woman."

About the two very old ladies across the aisle from us in the trolley bus: "I know why they are so wrinkled. It's because they've started shrinking. Their skin and their ears and their noses just stay the same size while everything underneath shrinks, so it just wrinkles all up." (They couldn't understand English, either, but I think they could maybe figure some things out from the accompanying hand gestures.)

And a general observation: "Have you noticed how there are so many more couples out in the springtime, Mom? I mean, in winter everyone is alone, but now couples are everywhere."


Janelle said...

He's a very astute little guy!

Jenny P. said...

I think our kids are so much smarter than we are.

that is all. :)

Andrea said...

hahaha. cute.
I always wondered the last one too while at byu.

TulipGirl said...

"now couples are everywhere."

Awwww! So sweet!

The Amazing Trips said...

Bwhaha!! Oh boy, I'd love to have been a fly on the trolley wall during those observations and subsequent, discussions. I can just imagine his body language trying to size up these wrinkled people...