I've been saving this photo especially for Halloween and then all day yesterday and most of today the internet in our building was down. (We couldn't figure out what was wrong until we saw the cables ourselves, torn out of the wall at the base of the building, laying on the street.) All fixed now, so I wanted to post Charlie's new spooky look. He gives it to us when he is trying to be funny, is about to be naughty, or doesn't want a picture taken. (Sorry for the blur. I caught it the best I could.)

(Happy Late Halloween)

And now, November!! The days are eternal, but the months blip by in an instant, it seems. I've given myself 100 days to get down all the stuff I want to write about our new digs here in Kyiv, so by Christmas (which is just around the corner!) I should be able to comprehend the reality of our expat life and move on. Between now and then, expect quite a few more "First 100 Days" posts. (I took lots of notes when we still didn't have internet...)

It's supposed to be 68 degrees tomorrow. This is November. In Kyiv. When it's January and my nose hairs are freezing together every time I take a deep breath, remind me that we had this sunny day , OK?


Gabriela said...

Happy Halloween to you too- I hope the boys got a fairly normal Halloween?

That picture is pretty funny.

68 degrees sounds lovely.

Anonymous said...

Thank you, thank you, thank you!
Your Blog is worth a million smiles and laughs and even a few tears of missing your precious family.