Home School

Here are some of the things we've learned this week:

This child should not try to suddenly drop his body through the center rungs of these bars. He will hang there by his forehead while it seems to take forever to toss the baby in the sandbox and run the twenty feet across the play area to stop him from flailing and get him out.

(Just so you know, this picture was taken on a happier, different day, before the lesson learned and before the bridge of his nose by which he was hanging swelled enough to completely alter his looks and partially green/blacken both of his eyes.)

Sometimes matchbox trucks go into a VCR easier than they come out.

If I send the five-almost-six-year-old to do his business in a very secluded space between two buildings - I'm sorry, but public restrooms are hard to find and mostly filthy and sometimes holding it is not an option, and besides this is one of the beautiful things about being a boy - when he is finished he will decide to explore a little and will touch the one plant that happens to be there and find painfully that it is some derivative of poison ivy.

If I'm walking home with a boy screaming because of the poison ivy on his finger, I can remove an M&M from the nose of the boy riding in the stroller I'm pushing without even breaking stride.

And last but not least, if someone leaves a black crayon out after promising he would put it away if I would only let him color a little and the baby gets it and very quietly makes crayon scribble murals on the hardwood floor behind my computer chair, a damp rag and a little toothpaste will clean it right up.


Sir Nottaguy-Imadad said...

Who says that you are finished learning once you graduate? I think that there are times when kids can be our greatest teachers (although we may not want to learn firsthand). Sometimes it's better to learn things by reading about someone else's "little professors".
Thanks for the early morning laughs.

Jenny P. said...

so grateful you shared your wisdom... and that I"m not the only one that sends my boys to hide and pee.

toothpaste will get off crayon? that's awesome.

Linda said...

I love your adventures! And I had NO idea there was any form of Poison Ivy in Ukraine... who knew that a forehead made a grand kid holder upper?! (At least until it stops being such a help...)

Janelle said...

Good lessons! Hope everyone is recovering okay-including you!

Ambulance Mommy said...

oh boy. I think you need a hug

You're doing a great job Mom!!!

Valerie said...

I love the M&M remark. And it's great to know that toothepaste takes off crayon--thanks!!

Hope the monkey bars are less dangerous next time.

Glad to see you have somewhere to go where they are no wild dogs.

The Amazing Trips said...

It sounds like you all are doing great. I'm glad for that. I'm also glad for that video that you posted of the boys running in the hall. There sure are some awesome moments that you want to burn in to your memory forever.

Gina Conroy said...

So you're homeschooling! Good for you! It's 10:30 am, I should probably start homeschooling myself.

How many more weeks until Summer? What does it matter, though, we'll probably go over and have to finish up some stuff anyway!