I've Got Beach Week, You've Got a Mission

See my beach ticker? Yep. Tomorrow! we are on! our! way! David wrote a note to me in church last week that said, "Do you think we can leave for the beach by 8 a.m. on Saturday?" I started laughing and leaned over to whisper, "I was hoping to be gone by six!" Yeah, I'm a little excited.

But...between now and then, I have serious laundry to do, a houseguest to get moved out, a house to clean from top to bottom because my landlords are going to be in and out with appraisers, etc. while we're gone, plus some minor shopping, and the family packing.

I had hoped to also get a few pre-posts formulated before we go so the blog isn't blank all next week, but I think that will not happen. Besides the fact that most of my readers will be at the beach with me, taking in the whole Code Yellow experience in real time. Heh, heh, heh.

So, no promises.

But... speaking of "Code Yellow" - you might already be aware that I've been thinking of getting myself a new blog name / flavor for some time now. I even tried it once briefly, but it didn't "take." I don't know why I'm restless like that...I just kinda want something a little more broad, maybe, a little more chic or something? A different color? A little less panic-stricken? But I keep coming up empty. I roll ideas around in my head, scribble some things on paper, then I get bored with it and just decide to stay Code Yellow Mom. I am a tiny bit sentimental about the dirty Tonka truck, too. But it's time.

Here's where you come in: I want ideas for a new blog me. Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to come up with a new and improved blog name and persona for Code Yellow Mom. Comment on this post as many times as you want this week and leave all the ideas you can come up with. If you want to, include a "tag line" to go with the name, or send other people over to make suggestions, too. If you prefer to keep your submission private, email it to me: codeyellowmom[at]gmail[dot]com. Either way, submit your ideas by midnight on August 9th. If I get some real gems and need more help deciding, then I'll make a comprehensive list and we'll put it to a vote in some manner and make a final decision.

Two guidelines:

1. I'd like my new blog name to be three words or less.
2. For those of you who are privy to my last name in real life, I don't want it to be included in my blog name.

Most important note: The winning idea gets to see their idea in action every time they come to my blog PLUS a prize!! (I'll consider what the prize will be while I'm at the beach. And since I will be in such a state of beauty and relaxation the whole week, the prize will be a good one. That, I can promise.)

OK...ready... set... GO!


Code Yellow Mom said...

And P.S. I probably won't be at a computer all week, so keep it clean. :)

Liz said...

Awww, man! You wanna go change, and here I thought my forced change made us more blogsistery than ever. :(

I will have to think about this for a little bit.

Anonymous said...

Why don't you want Schlaumberhouserdonly in your blog name?

I can vouch for your ability to send GREAT things. Phish Food, Anyone?

S said...

T Time,T Friend of Nobody, Stop calling me, Oh Henry, Truckin T, etc

I am glad I have a week to do this. Cuz I am SOOOOOOOOO gonna win:)

S said...

Ps Have tons of fun! I am jealous, but so glad to be home at the same time>

The Amazing Trips said...

See, I love the whole "Code Yellow Mom" thing. I really do. You are CYM and there's CYD ... I think I might have a bit of blog envy.

And your picture with the dump truck? Oh, so cute. Perfect for a mom with little boys. PERFECT.

But, don't mind me. I'm one of these "Why mess with a good thing?" kind of people. If not for my husband, we'd still be using a 386 computer with 1 meg of RAM and we'd be HAPPY.

MotherT said...

How about "My 3 Sons" or "Life With Boys"???

Aimee said...

Ooooo fun! A contest...

So here are my initial brainstorms/stream-of-consciousness that you can add to your own thoughts.

1. You're about to move to Eastern Europe and speak a foreign language. Maybe pick a foreign word that people call you/your family or that describes your state of mind. The tagline could be the translation of that word/phrase.
2. Perhaps the blog could have an Eastern European look with your choice of colors or images.
3. I imagine many of your future blogs will be about your crazy experiences in the new culture. A blog name and background that matches that would simply enhance the readers' experience.
4. Don't worry about making a change to the blog's look. Life and the people living it change all the time. It's fitting that your blog match your current life and the changes in it. A few years from now when you move again you can give the blog yet another new look.

No matter what you decide in the end, I will continue to enjoy reading your experiences...

daysease said...

my ideas so far...so, can you tell I am obsessed with trying to help you?


that is the best i can do for now... hope that helps. will keep thinking... have a great day.

Gabriela said...

Have a great time at the beach!

I can be of no help in the blogging department. I changes things up like once every 200 posts. I'm already stressing about when we move back, will I have to change my name because it won't really be "la vida loca"? I don't know. ;)

Miss Notesy said...

I like Code Yellow! I don't like change though. You have blog recognition with this name, and google rank.

S said...

Oh man I forgot to get back to this. That stinks. I didn't realize that I could vote for Code Yellow to stay. Cuz I love it! :) So I guess I am not going to win. So sad!

Qtpies7 said...

If it helps, I came to your blog because I was intrigued by the Code Yellow name.