Lyric Revamp

In real life, I'm probably the last person you would expect to listen to Alanis Morissette. I mean, I'm not an Alanis groupie or anything; I probably couldn't tell you more than a handful of her songs. But back in my younger life, I liked to listen to her music. It was therapeutic and made me feel rebellious - it drives my mom crazy that Alanis has an entire song that uses the word "ironic" completely incorrectly. (Isn't that ironic?) Some of her songs are just catchy and apt (one of my favorites is "Head Over Feet,") and many of her lyrics are good food for thought. Anyway, now you know that little old Code Yellow me has a weak spot for late-90s grunge.

The other day I needed to make a stop at Home Depot which I had already procrastinated too long in the hopes of being able to go without the boys. There are no cart stalls and rarely a close parking spot at that place. Plus, there are always huge "workerman" vehicles going in and out, backing up with who-knows-who in their blindspots. Not my favorite place to get out of the car with three uncontained children. I realized too late that the stroller was not in our car because we had taken it for a stroll and not put it back the evening before.

I needed to get this project done, so I propped the baby on my hip and grabbed Henry's wrist (the boy will NOT hold hands) and told Calvin, "Put your hand in this pocket of my jeans and don't let go until we're inside the store. There's lots of trucks pulling in and out here and I need to know you're right beside me."

About halfway to the door, all the noise and hurry and worry kinda dissipated as I held a baby in my arm, a 4-year-old by his arm, and had one hand in my pocket...The thought of the play on Alanis' words made me smile and I wanted to find my Jagged Little Pill CD right away...and if I'd had a free hand, I'd totally hail a taxi or play a piano or give someone a high five, because everything really is going to be fine, fine, fine.


Michelle said...

I only own one of her cds, Jagged Little Pill, and will probably never in my life buy another...lol. But the songs on that cd I love!!

An Ordinary Mom said...

I love this CD! I used to go running on the streets of LA to a lot of these songs. What great memories to relive.

And my 3 year old absolutely will NOT hold hands either!