Walking On His Knees REDUX

Our computer is back to limping status, but at least I can get an upload out of it now. Yay for youtube, too. I actually had to get Charlie to knee walk again because I couldn't resurrect the other video I took. I forgot to take his paci away, and the picture is fuzzy, but you can still get the idea. Sadly he has almost outgrown this now and prefers to walk like the rest of us do. Clapping for himself at every step. I'll have to capture that on video soon, too, I suppose.

Here's another of Charlie's awesome tricks. Just ask him to give you kisses, and smack your lips together a couple of times, and every now and then you get this: (Yay me! I caught it on camera!)

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I haven't decided yet if he would count as cheap entertainment or very, very expensive entertainment. Either way, totally worth it.


S said...

Dang it I wanted to be FIRST!! I couldn't see the video! But that picture is to die for. So adorable.

NOBODY said...

Oh yeah, yay you for SURE. That picture is hilarious! And that takes some serious talent.

He looks like he's all legs, is he? SO BIG. I can't believe it's almost been a year. This time last year----I was NOT a happy girl.

The video won't play, but I'll keep trying.

Anonymous said...

If I knew how to comment on blogs, I would.

NOBODY said...

Who loves you T?

The Smith girls do! That's who!

Jenny P. said...

ummm, so just had to come and tell you that your last comment on nobody's blog was totally hilarious, I'm still laughing to myself. So I came here.

That picture is totally hilarious.

The Amazing Trips said...

He is so adorable and looks just like his big brothers. But why, oh why, must they grow up so fast?!

someone else said...

Oooooh, what a kissable little face!!

GranolaGirl said...

LOVE the kissing face... it's so good it looks photoshopped. Did you see how he's holding his fingers too? Totally cool.