The Code Yellow Sabbatical

So I've been toying with the idea of taking a real, actual blog break (not just one where I say I'm done and then less than twenty-four hours later I'm bursting at the seams with things to post about) for some time.

Just now when I was at my dashboard, I noticed that this will be post #301. That seems like a good, arbitrary place to stop for a while. Maybe for good but probably not. Just for a few months at least.

Blogging is a kick in the pants, but I have a lot of other things kicking my butt right now.

Blogging about being a mom is great and therapeutic, but I need to stop and actually be a mom right now. My powers of multi-tasking are not that great at the moment.

I've been having some level of guilt about wanting other people to come around and shoot me up with comments, but I haven't been able to visit my favorites and share the high.

I'm also re-evaluating why I blog - most of the reasons I originally started with aren't exactly there anymore, plus I'm kinda tired of the Code Yellowness of my blog. Maybe it's a mid-blog crisis or something.

Mostly, I just need to get some wind in my sails again, finish some of the big things in my life right now, take care of the little nagging things, and gear up for a year of big decisions and big adjustments and big house cleaning.

Ironically, there will probably be tons of blog fodder in the midst of all that, but I just can't do it. Something has to give.

I do plan to visit my blog friends from time to time and I will always answer an e-mail - codeyellowmom(at)gmail(dot)com.

(Auntie M and Gram, I'll keep you supplied with snapshots and anecdotes the best I can...)

And hey! I get my Master's on Mother's Day. I'm pretty sure that will at least warrant a photo post, right?

Well, then, TTFN.


Gabriela said...

I totally understand the need for a sabbatical. I'll miss reading you-you must come back.

Good luck finishing your Master's degree. Quite an accomplishment with your little brood of boys!

I'm going to email you. :)

the lizness said...

We will miss you! But I understand. Have fun living your real life!

Anonymous said...

I sure will miss your posts, but I understand when something has to give. Good luck with all of the big things you have going on right now. I'm so impressed that you're finishing up your master's degree.

Real said...

Well, darn. Stinks for me. But I remember when I had three little ones in the midst of my master's...

Hope you're back in the saddle again soon, though!

NOBODY said...

Like at all these kind and understanding people! Well PHOOEY! I'm mad!
Just kidding. I TOOOOOTTTTTALLLLY understand.
I laughed at how big decisions and big adjustments were lumped with big house cleaning.

Don't feel embarrassed if you just can't help yourself in two weeks and need to post. We'll forgive you.

p.s. I am SO happy and proud of you about the Masters Degree. You are a stud. I'm thinking about going to med school myself...
(as if I don't deal with enough poop, whining, and owies already!)

The Amazing Trips said...

I hear ya. I've been so busy, completely overwhelmed and hardly able to hold my head above water. Who would have guessed that motherhood is so exhausting?? Yet, I couldn't give up my blog. I need it now more than ever. It's one of the only "outlets" that I have and I consider it better than therapy.

I hope that you come back soon, even with a random picture post. No words other than "Here's Charlie at 9-months. Isn't he cute?!"

Raising a family, being a wife AND finishing a Masters can be challenging enough all on their own. You're doing a great job & I'm proud of you!! :)

someone else said...

You KNOW I will miss you and your adorable little boys, but I completely understand. Pop in now and then and say hi, and I'll watch for you to light up in my bloglines down the road a ways.

Take care.

Super Happy Girl said...

YAY!!! Congrats on getting your Masters and ON Mother's day :) That's going to be awesome.

Mid-blog crisis. I like that.
Well, take care. Like Nobody said, you can always come back: We forgive and forget :)

Unknown said...

I've been considering the same thing for awhile now. Totally understand what you mean.

Hope that you do come back!

the lizness said...

(I keep checking back to see if you changed your mind ...)

An Ordinary Mom said...

Enjoy your break, you will be missed.

And congrats for finishing with your Master's. You are AMAZING!

Lei said...

The great thing about blgging is you can jump in and out and your "friends" will always welcome you back! Take the time you need, I know it did me a world of good.