This, from the back seat on the way to preschool this morning:

Lily: I have a magic wand! I can do anything!

Henry: That's not magic. (starting in early today with the contrary bit)

Lily: I'm Magic Big Sister!

Henry: You don't have a little brother.

Lily: But I can still be magic. I'm Magic Big Sister.

Henry: You are NOT. magic. (vehemently sticking to his opposition stance)

Lily: Yes, I am.

Calvin: You can't be magic with just a stick. (aw, come on, just play along. don't start...)

Lily: Yes, I can. You're not the bosses of me, guys. (way to hold your own, Lils)

Henry: You're not MAGIC!!!

(Sigh. Barely audible groan. I'm going to have to intervene before they all start screaming over this nonsense. I can never just be the chauffeur without having to referee at the same time. While trying to locate the paci that the baby keeps chucking on the floor.)

Lily: I am magic, Henry. Because when I see problems I can think how to solve them. (Now there's a thought.)

Calvin: Well, then, you're not magic. You're smart. (There you go.)

Lily: Yeah. I'm smart!

Calvin: Smart is really a kind of magic, right?

Lily: Yeah! Smart Magic!

And just like that, a little bit of the grouchy tired bitter mom in me ~***poof*** ~ disappeared.


someone else said...

Way to go, Lily! Never underestimate the power of the female mind!

NOBODY said...

What a sweet boy Calvin is. You can't really blame him at all for wanting to stick with the facts and keep it real. The apples never fall far from the tree you know.

Helen said...

really sweet. this story **poof** took some of my worries away as well :) ... you've got some magically smart kids.

take care!

Super Happy Girl said...

Ditto to what Nobody said.

What a cute way to end a discussion :)