Making Mountains

So last week I explained what a zit was to Calvin. He was bugging me and poking at the most recent appearance on my chin. So I know that his vocabulary includes this important, descriptive, three-letter word: zit. One syllable, a slightly crude term, but nonetheless calling a spade a spade. Simple enough, right?

This week he told me that it looked like my zit was getting better, but that it looked like I had a little mountain right next to it. Yeah, thanks.

In other bits of news to catch up before I post something of substance...

Tuesday I was sure I had a bladder infection. Then appendicitis. And yesterday I mostly felt like a Mac truck of toxic hormones ran over me. Twice. I'm telling you, it was rotten, and I was sure something big was wrong because I've never felt this run down and crummy when pregnant before.

But...no infection, nothing requiring surgery. Apparently just a wiggly growing boy and increasing uterus. Accompanied by a Mac truck of toxic hormones.

Hormones that apparently cause multiple mountains on chins...and mole hill pregnancy complaints to grow intensely painful...and knock-knock jokes to grate on perpetually exhausted and frazzled nerves...

But the good news is that it's nothing some sleep and a little less Sanjaya won't make all better. Thank you, tiny prescription pill. And thank you, America.

Oh - and thank you all for the great knock-knock (and your mama) jokes. I actually had no idea that there were others coping with this same bane of childhood. Lovely to know I am not alone.

Wanna know something really disturbing? Apparently knock-knock jokes "provide valuable insight into how children advance their language skills." You mean I'm supposed to be getting insight from this now, too? Shoot. But at least the Wikipedia article provided some new material for our budding linguists/comedians.

So, I'm feeling a lot better, getting everything into perspective and calming down a bit. Now if I can get the 4-year-old to do the same, and just call a zit a zit, for heaven's sake.


Michelle said...

Hello! I hope that you are feeling better. I am pregnant as well and I am currently 18 weeks along and trust me I am counting down. LOL.. I found out 2 weeks ago that my placenta is covering my cervix and I amlearning that this is the cause for the nonstop cramping and lower pain that I have had, I did the same thing (being a nurse) diagnosed myself with the bladder infection and so on. Only to be told no its the following now please take it easy and you are on light duty. Its funny how a bladder infection sounds so nice now isn't. Any way take care of yourself.

Sorry I couldn't help myself this was my sons favorite knock knock joke. He would repeat it over and over again:
Knock knock!
Whose there?
Banana who?
Knock knock!
Whose there?
Orange who?
Orange you glad I didn't say banana?!
I had nightmares I heard that joke so much! lol

An Ordinary Mom said...

It's good to know you enjoyed our jokes yesterday and it is even better to know that there is nothing wrong with you except you have an ever expanding uterus :) !! Take it easy and rest before the little one gets here!

My son doesn't point out my zits, but he loves to find every mole on my face. Gotta love aging.

And THANK YOU American for finally voting right!

someone else said...

Oh, you make me laugh. Always! How in the world do you discipline children that cute?

Sanjaya? I wholeheartedly echo your Thank you, America!! Enough was enough. Now we can have a competition.

Super Happy Girl said...

Ouch, none of the things you mentioned you felt you had sounded like fun. I hope you feel much better soon. Just a few more weeks CY!

Angela said...

So, all those knock-knock jokes gave your four year old the ability to use a simile in conversation about your zit! Nice how it all fits together.

I had to explain today what "runny nose" meant. It just seemed wrong expounding on snot to a 3 year old.

I'm sorry you felt so cruddy, but really glad it wasn't anything beyond what it is.

Amanda said...

Glad to hear you have nothing wrong with you. I found that each of my pregnancies got progressively harder. I am sure this had much to do with the fact that I had more kids to take care of while being pregnant.

I've been convinced for some time now that I had a tumor growing in me due to some pain I've been having. I finally went to the doctor and they assured me that I was not in fact dying. Nice to know.