Here Comes the Sun

Yesterday Calvin had to spend some alone time in his room. During preschool at our house. Yeah, it was that bad.

He stomped up to his room and after rearranging the toy box and bunk bed ladder and thumping around a bit, he was quiet.

I gave him a few more minutes to collect himself and was about to tell him he could come back and join us when he came bounding down the stairs:

"Hey, everybody! You have GOT to see this! Everybody!!!!!"

Then he gathered everyone on the couch by the front window, threw open the curtains and pointed out a dove's nest in the crook of the tree in our front yard.

My camera was MIA, so I wasn't able to capture all five little kids standing in the window, looking where Cal was directing them to look. But they all stood there, watching and talking excitedly about the activity in the tree...

"See? I saw it from my mom's window upstairs! They're making a nest!"

"I think she's going to lay eggs there!"

"Yeah, little tiny birdies will hatch!"

"What do pigeons say?"

"It's not a pigeon, it's a dove. They say, coo, coo."

(A chorus of cooos.)

"Hey, I think that's the daddy!"

"He's bringing a stick for the nest!"

"He just dropped it there!"

"She's putting it in the nest!"

"Are there any eggs yet?"

"My dad would LOVE to know about this. Mom, I need to call Dad and tell him!"

Turns out that Cal had stealthily moved his alone time into my room and opened the front window upstairs to look out. A big no-no, and yet...

The nest is gone today - I think it was in a place that was a little too low and exposed for the mother dove's liking. But for a few minutes yesterday, spring was finally here in the voices of my little boy and his friends, marveling at the building of a nest, overflowing with excitement and wanting to share with anyone who would look or listen.


Crissybug said...

What a fun little story. I am always amazed at how mesmerized kids get with this kind of thing. It really brings me home, and helps me to stop and 'smell the roses' from time to time.

But man...kids sure try to find any way to get out of 'time out.'

I was curious, do you teach preschool out of your house regularly or is it a co-op?

An Ordinary Mom said...

There is always a lesson waiting to be learned or a new treasure waiting to be discovered. What a wonderful memory to have ... although, I bet you hope he does his timeout properly next time :)!!

Jennifer @ Fruit of My Hands said...

How sweet, and what a nice unplanned preschool lesson for the day!

Gabriela said...

too cute-I can just picture him showing his class where to look. Don't you love how excited kids get with stuff?

you are getting close! only 45 more days? Wow. Hope you're feeling well.