Snowed In

I'm a little occupied with a painting project at the moment (some good before and after photos coming soon...) and my husband has been snowed (more like iced) in with us for two days and I didn't get to blogging much today, if you can imagine.

BUT, I have remembered my Valentine challenge and will have much more to say tomorrow. It's never too late to send a few new friends to your favorite blogs, and it makes a great filler post if you're experiencing blogstipation or - more likely - real-life cold and flu.

In the meantime, I had to pass this little note along. My "baby" sister sent it to me yesterday and it has kept me (and Henry) endlessly entertained. Hope you will also get a little mindless chuckle from it as well.


Unknown said...

I'm working on my list, too. I'm posting it tomorrow!

An Ordinary Mom said...

Thanks for the belated Valentine's ecard. Even my hubby came in to see what all the ruckus was and laughed!

The Amazing Trips said...

Maybe it's because we're contemplating moving back to the east coast ... but getting snowed in sounds SO romantic. Especially since it was 80 degrees here today and William got a sunburn on his nose! Hello. It's FEBRUARY.

The e-card was hysterical ... that's how I've been feeling a lot lately - - ready to scream with crazy short hair!

someone else said...

Now that was a "screamingly" funny card!

Here's some fun to try. Maybe Calvin can test his skills, after you get through playing the game. I'm addicted to it.


Looney Mom™ said...

Hi there. I came via Morning Glory's blog. I had the mute on and when I "un"-muted I think I jumped! Crazy card! Funny. I hope the snow/ice doesn't stick around too long. Drives one stir-crazy!

Barb said...

My word, hysterical. Scared my poor little dog Chelsea half to death, though. LOL

Pam said...


Super Happy Girl said...

Aww, I love my Valentine's Day ecar, thanks CYM.

I followed Morning Glory's linkie to the Sprouts Game, it's hilarious.

Have a good weekend, snowed in and all.