Thursday Thirteen #3

Thirteen Places We Are Going This Summer
It would be a shame to live in a place as great as the nation's capitol region and miss out on some of the spectacular parks and other sites. In addition to the monuments and Smithsonian which we happen to go to a lot (especially when visitors come), this is our list of outings for the summer. My boys are really into trains, the outdoors, and animals, so most of our stops have to do with that, but there really is something for everyone around here. And I have found most everything stroller accessible and kid-friendly.

1. Walkersville Railroad
2. Kenilworth Aquatic Gardens
3. Reston Zoo
4. Imagine That! (In Rockville, Maryland - huge open space with tons of hands-on play areas, including a real fire engine and airplane that kids can climb on and explore.)
5. B&O Railroad Museum
6. Meadowlark Gardens
7. Cunningham Falls
8. Glen Echo
9. National Building Museum
10. Green Springs Garden Park
11. National Gallery of Art (Rousseau - More orange monkeys!)
12. C&O Canal (This is so cool...)
13. Leesburg Outlets and Lucketts (antique shops and a country drive)


Nettie said...

I love your new look! It is so pretty and feminine. I assume that describes you more than the dump truck? I love this list of things to do. What a fun summer plan! We will need to take a week end sometime and come check out these places. I will be waiting to hear which ones you enjoyed most!

Unknown said...

I'm going to mark this list for some fun things to do when we visit my inlaws in Herndon VA. Another place that my mil took my daughter is Frying Pan Park (I think it's searchable). They have some animals I think. Dd loved it.