Thursday Thirteen #2

Thirteen Celebrities Who Look Like Me

My friend blogged about this site and it cracked me up. So I used part of my long weekend playing with it, and just had to share the results. Plus, I have yet to post a picture of myself on my blog, so if you wonder what I look like, maybe this will help. If you know what I look like, leave a comment that tells which celebrity you think is most accurate. If I hit the magic number of comments, I will make a guest appearance on my blog tomorrow. Maybe.(You should know that I tried several different snapshots of myself, like the site suggests, and not one of the look-alikes duplicated, so I think I'm mostly an original.)

Emma Thompson - Do you know how much I wish this were true? And don't even think Nanny McPhee, either.

Jennifer Jason Leigh - I don't know that I know her. But I kinda like the haircut.

Jodie Foster - The website said this picture.

But I think more like this.

LL Cool J - What?!?!

Sigourney Weaver

William Butler Yates - I think it would be ridiculously cool to have someone say to me, "I've been trying to figure out who you remind me of, and I've got it now! It's William Butler Yeats!"

Shirley Maclaine (in one of her younger lives)

Yao Ming - I don't think I could go on living without plastic surgery if Yao had come up for more than one of my photos. Unless the basketball skills came with it.

Kim Hee-sun - quite a few beautiful Asian women apparently look like me...

Tata Young...DH says it's to do with beautiful skin and eyes. I'll take that!

H. David Politzer - I. Look. Like A BALD PHYSICIST?!

Erica Durance
Can you imagine having a face so pretty you could get away with wearing fun specs like those?

Sean Astin - I have no words...Except that the resemblance frightens me in its accuracy and I think I would prefer Nanny McPhee.)

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Angela said...

What is so weird is, I can see in all of these, why they were selected. Okay, almost all of them. But seriously, with William Yates, it’s the eyes. Everything else about that man’s face comparing to yours is a joke. And I laughed my butt off at “in one of her younger lives”. That is really funny. Of all of these though, you look the most like the young Shirley. Nothing like the subsequently older one though. It’s the hair, the pose, the expression, and the smile without really smiling. And with Jodi Foster, it’s the mouth. And if I were a man, I would probably stalk Emma Thompson. I mean, I’m a woman, and I want to. I see the resemblence in that particular picture. I think this is a really clever post.
I maintain that you look like: http://i29.photobucket.com/albums/c263/lilboyyblu/juliet.jpg
And I am not wrong.

Nettie said...

Oh, did Angela cheat and give a link to an actual photo of you? I tried it, but the "operation timed out". Now, I really want to see what you look like! If I keep making the same comment over and over, will that count towards reaching the magic comment number?

Angela said...

Nettie---that would have been such a clever thing to do, but I didn't. Try copy and pasting this link---if that doesn't work, I'll stop trying to be funny and just tell you who it is.

Code Yellow Mom said...

Angela, you are my BFF!

Nettie - I'm commenting on my own blog so that we will reach the magic comment number, just for you.:)

the lizness said...

I'm guessing Jodie Foster, since you posted 2 pictures of her :) please make a guest appearance

Louise said...

I think it would be nice to look like Emma Thompson in Nanny McPhee, although only at the end of the film.

And Jodie Foster is very pretty.

Hope you make the magic number - I will be back tomorrow to find out.

Trish Ess said...

If you mix them all together, you've got either someone who's amazingly beautiful... or the love child of Dudley Moore and Fozzy Bear. I'm sure you're the former. :)

My TT are up.

Carol said...

I've got to give that a try and find out who I look like. Enjoyed your list. My TT is up.

someone else said...

Girl, you are one lucky woman if you look like the picture in the link that Angela posted. Anticipating the unveiling......

Angela said...

Six more and all your wildest dreams will come true.

Lady Jane said...

What a clever list! :) My sister showed me that site, but I can't remember who I supposedly look like!