A Note By Any Other Name...

Calvin and Henry were playing some kind of secret note passing game yesterday in which they would write funny notes to one another and have Charlie deliver them and then they would laugh and laugh over the silliness of what their notes said. I wasn't privy to any of the contents of most of the notes, and I'm pretty sure they contained potty talk (because it is HILARIOUS to write "poopy," you know), but the boys were having fun and it was keeping Charlie occupied as well, so it went on for quite a while.

I'm not sure if Charlie tired of being delivery boy or if Calvin just suddenly had an idea, but he brought me a Fanta bottle with a rolled up note stuck in it and whispered, "Give this to Henry when you see him." So, I complied and handed the bottle to Henry when he came into the kitchen.

He opened the bottle and unrolled the note and read it out loud at the kitchen table:

Dear Henry,
You are a rose to me. I love you.
From: Mom.

And Henry looked up with a big smile and said, "Did you write this, Mom?"

He was so happy to get a nice, non-potty-topic note that made me so sad to tell him no, that Calvin had written it to be tricky. So I added that it was true, he was a rose to me. Then it made me laugh, because who tells anyone that they are a rose? And how did Calvin even think to write a note from me and then so easily get me to deliver it? And did Henry really think that I might have written it when it was obviously in Calvin's handwriting? And then I realized that Calvin's trick really was tricky. And funny but a little sad, and that's what made it such a good trick. The stinker.


Sir Nottaguy-Imadad said...

Never underestimate the length a boy will go to play a pratical joke. How funny.

Sara said...

That's cute!

Thanks for the explanation. I wondered if that was it.

Andrea said...

How cute.

Code Yellow Mom said...

What was even cuter was later tonight when I said, "Henry, my rose....it's time for bed." He giggled and smiled so big...His giggle is to die for. It's so funny how the whole thing tickles him and pleases him.

Gabriela said...

that is cute-your little rose. :) Much better than being a poopy.

Nobody said...

Oh my GOSH I love this story. Every little bit of if.
You are a rose to me is priceless. I'm so stealing it.