A Cuppla Sweet Things

Jane will not take a bottle. She did a bit in the first few days of her life (thank goodness) but now she will have none of it. Breast only for her, whether I like it or not. Also, she truly prefers me over any other person in the world.

And when I feed her, if I am not looking at her, she gets restless and latchesonlatchesofflatchesonlatchesoff. This means no talking to others (which was a problem when I had to feed her today while teaching the young women at church, which is another crazy phenom: I can actually breastfeed in public without indecent exposure), and no watching TV. She does tolerate me reading, but only sometimes.

None of my other children ever did breastfeeding this way (I was seriously considering not even bothering with Jane because of past experience) and all of them were consolable by their dad. It's just wierd, sweet, and somewhat exhausting to be so much in demand.

And Charlie. We have worked out a special bedtime ritual since all my other time with him during the day usually gets interrupted or multitasked in the wake of Jane. (He says, "I want Mommy pway wif you" and I have to tell him, "Not right now" so much it breaks my heart. But the topper was the other day when his dad asked him for a kiss and he said, "Ahm bissy wight now." Ouch. I think he's heard that a little too much.)

So at night he now insists that I "hing hongs and hay pwayohs" (sing songs and say prayers) with him and only him. Oh, I love those five minutes with him snuggled on my shoulder. And I love it that he likes to hear me sing - my other boys love music, but my singing is not their fave, and they never got hooked on it as something soothing when they were little. Charlie is the one and it is precious to me.

And that is all for now. I like my babies. The end.


S said...

I am struggling with this with Rebekah. It breaks my heart. It never fails the baby needs something vital at the exact moment she needs good ole attention:) So sad. Growing up is so tough!

Liz said...

It's good to know not every baby is the same.

Mister Waldrip said...

Awwwww. None of my kids really took a bottle very well, but they all let me do other things while I nursed them which was helpful. It's nice when they love their mom so much.

I sing with Pedro every night too. I'm not a great singer, but he loves it and he knows most of the words of the songs we sing. I love that time of day.

Gabriela said...

Sorry. that's my husband's login info. Not some new weird-o stalking your blog.

Gabriela said...

Now that I read it again, it's pretty funny. Mr. Waldrip breastfeeding and all.

Maybe I'm just really tired. :)

Andrea said...

My last baby was the same- me and only me for way too long.
I love the nice bedtime routines. Especially when they love the singing.

Christine said...

I love the spellings of your third's words. It's so cute. Sounds like you're doing well back at home again.