The Look of Charlie's Week

I caught a grainy snapshot of a little smile in Jane's sleep yesterday:

We decided on Jane Elizabeth. After all that. There are lots of Elizabeths and Elizas in our family tree and it really is one (in my opinion) of the most beautiful girl names ever. Plus I suddenly thought "Jane E." is very cute. So, there you have it.

Charlie is very attentive and interested in his little sister. I think he hears her cry in the night before I, with supersonic mother hearing, hear it. His sleep has been really rough since we came home because he wants to help her stop crying and he can't sleep until she is asleep again, but he remains pleasant and sweet.

He loves to hold the baby and has been so gentle with her. He's very curious about her and he likes to tell her things. My favorite was when he started telling her very seriously, "No bite Mama, Baby! No bite!"

A couple times he has started touching her very soft while she's laying in my lap and saying, "I yike yo toes, Baby...I yike yo yegs, Baby...I yike yo cheeks, Baby...I yike yo hayoh, Baby..." So adoring and adorable.

And once when David left to run an errand and Jane started fussing right after he walked out the door, Charlie said to her, "OK, Baby. OK. Daddy be right back."

His life has looked a little topsy-turvy this week, I think.

On Sunday his brothers left for a visit to Virginia with Auntie S.

On Monday when Charlie woke up, his parents were gone (to the hospital) and he was at home alone with someone that he didn't know very well (Nobody's darling niece, incidentally).

On Tuesday his parents reappeared, with a squeaky, squidgy, needy little bundle. And his mom can't really pick him up and is a little slow about playing a lot with him.

Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, he's mostly hung out with Dad - a great thing, but still not the "norm." And all the while the disrupted sleep of having a newborn in the house.

And yet, I think he's pretty OK with it all:


The Amazing Trips said...

That does it. I think we need one more. I love the name Jane. And I love the name Elizabeth. Obviously! We really are in sync with a lot of our names choices. Aren't we...?! :)

Ahh, precious newborns. Enjoy every single second!! You blink and they are talking in sentences.

An Ordinary Mom said...

Congrats! She is precious ... and I adore her name :) !!

Hope you and her are resting well.

S said...

Yes it is perfect. Perfect name and baby girl. Congratulations I am so happy for you and your family. I missed AM greatly this summer so send her some love from her Aunt S!

Sir Nottaguy-Imadad said...

I love pictures of kids holding their new siblings. Congrats again.

Liz said...

"I yike yo cheeks, Baby ..."

that is adorable.

And ::squee:: Jane Elizabeth! love it!

Andrea said...

love the name! love the pictures!

Jenny P. said...

She is oh so beautiful!! And Charlie's little voice. Oh dear. How sweet is that!

Gabriela said...

Love the name. Charlie is so cute with her-what a blessing! :) Enjoy, enjoy, enjoy.

Kimberly and Adam said...

Hi, Traci! I just "commented" and I thought I hit the right button, but maybe not:) So if you get two congrats from me...

Anyway! I have been thinking about you and have remembered your blog name from when Sydney gave it to me years ago, so I decided to look you up tonight. SO GREAT to see your new little sweetie! It's amazing to think back to when Julia and I first met you when you were pregnant with Calvin (and had that amazingly decorated Christmas tree the night I brought you dinner after you'd had him- with chocolate pudding if I remember right:) So so so happy for you and your family. PS You write so well. Very moving essays in your blog. I love you! Keep in touch, but not for many months until you get some sleep and sanity:) Love, Kimberly

Superstahr Mom said...

So this is what happens when I go out of town... CONGRATULATIONS!!! And I would have absolutely given you a low birth weight and the early birth date! She is absolutely adorable.

We just told our families that we're having another... Savannah (our 7-year old...) said, "How do you know? And Margaret said, "But you already have a baby!

Babies are wonderful.

someone else said...

Congratulations! She's so beautiful. It's hard to believe our blog lives crossed back when the first two boys were so little. I've shared the joy through the internet of the last two babies you've had. Your children are so precious, and I love her name.

NOBODY said...

I need a Charlie to come and adore me. So DARLING! Love those pictures of him with Jane. How can you keep having darling babies everytime!? I think you might need to see what it feels like to give birth to an alien. Like some of us.
Love Jane E. :)