How To Tickle Wrestle

Calvin and Henry are enjoying having Megan, our "nanny," with us. She is the oldest of six kids - four of them are brothers. So she knows how to wrestle and tickle and tease in a light-hearted way - David and I are not necessarily the best at any of that - and Calvin and Henry LOVE it.

It's so great because it allows them to let off some steam with someone who will keep it in check and I don't have to be the lame parent who is always saying, "No. That hurts. I can't - I have a baby in my belly." One of the many perks of Megan.

Anyway, the boys formalized what they call the Tickle Wrestle by making a list of the rules / process / strategy for beating Megan at the game. I think they were a little inspired by the Scaredy Squirrel books (Henry has fallen in love with them - I highly recommend all of them), and it made me laugh when I found this crumpled list.

It was written too light to photograph, so picture the following in a six-year-old's handwriting. (The punctuation and spelling are all his. The numeral 2 is written backwards, and the third item is written biggest of all. Henry helped him think of the things to put on the list.)

1. Say, "I can't breeth!"
2. Eknore tikleing.
4. If brother in troble help!
5. Try to Build a trap!

I don't know if Megan stands a chance now.


Camille said...

Hahaha! That's a hilarious list.

Sir Nottaguy-Imadad said...

Looks like they've got a plan. Poor Megan, she's in for it now.