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I would just like to know...

What feed reader do you use and why do you / do you not like it?

I mostly use Bloglines, just cuz it was my first feed reader love, and I tried Google reader but didn't much like the format. So...tell me what else there is out there, because I am tied up right now and can't research but I want to make a change ASAP.

(I'm always looking for new and better ways to keep up with all you all, and gearing up for the days when I will be able to do more reading of your pearly posts...)


the lizness said...

I use bloglines. I used google reader first, I think I just switched to bloglines because someone told me to do it. I'm such a blog puppet that way.

I like the format, and probably won't be changing. For one thing, Firefox lists bloglines as a subscription service, so it is very easy to subscribe to a new blog.

An Ordinary Mom said...

Bloglines is what I use.

Super Happy Girl said...

I use Newsgator.
I used to use Bloglines but sometimes the feeds did not update fast enough so I move to Newsgator.

The sad thing is that I don't know if the feeds update any faster. But I'm use to it now and like it very much, so there you go.


PS: WV is "momhq"

Helen said...

Use gmail so use google reader (also use picasa and blogger - so totally feed the google clan) ... find it comfortable as I take it as checking my e-mail :) Seems it updates fast.

Haven't used nay other things (so don't know to wish for anything better). I am too lazy and comfortable to learn to use new things :)

Real said...

I tried bloglines and google reader but could never figure either out. So I just, you know, have all my favorite blogs bookmarked and (shhh) click.

Unknown said...

I also just bookmark and click.

I love it because I don't feel like I'm "behind" like with bloglines having 15 unread posts (or 200). I also like clicking through for real and reading on the blog.

This way, if I have 10 minutes, I can read my 4 or 5 "must-reads" and then if I have 20 minutes later that day, I can go down the list.

Yes, there are some that I only get to every week or two, but I'm not totally out of touch, and yet I don't feel obligated either.

Books, hooks, needles, and my weightloss journey said...

I use Google Reader. I really like it, though I haven't tried any others. I have been behind lately and trying to catch up, but at least I know I haven't missed a post someone made. I like that I can place blogs in separate folders, like Favorite Reads, Kitties (which is blogs by cats), and Crafty. The only problem I have had lately is more (I suspect) to do with my out of date computer than with the reader. Randomly I can't log in, it acts like I did, then the screen refreshes and I am back at the log in screen. Yesterday I couldn't log in from this comp, today I could. I do like knowing when there is a new post made, so I don't have to check each blog everyday. I have over 400 subscriptions in the reader, going to every page everyday would be wasted effort, and browsing time.
I use gmail and blogger as well, so it is nice having things localized.

Michelle said...

I don't use a feed reader either. I bookmark all the blogs I read into a separate folder, and just click on the ones I feel like reading that day. If there are a lot of posts that I missed, I just spend whatever time I have on just a couple that day catching up.