Spring Doings

Only a few more weeks left of school and a lot of spring happenings going on, so I'm a little inundated with deadlines...Just wanted to post that I'm alive and all. Here's a few miscellaneouses that I thought I'd throw out there for you until I can get back to the blogging of the oh-so-fascinating aspects of our life.

I found a couple posts from my old Code Yellow Mom self that brought back some memories. Funny, the incidents had faded in my memory, but reading about them again, the feelings associated with them are palpable. If you're interested, click away. It's kinda like remembering high school angst - when you were in the midst of it, you didn't know how you'd survive, but when it's over, it really is almost laughable. I'm glad I'm writing it all down - the bad and the good. I'm not feeling the stress of momming as much right now because I am seriously expereincing something akin to a honeymoon with my boys. They thrill me and amaze me and I just want to squeeze them every moment. I know, I know - it's just a phase.

It's not like they are perfectly behaved yet or anything: I heard this amazing crash-clatter-shatter sound of a million duplos across the playroom floor and got after Calvin for throwing things again and he told me, "I didn't throw anything, Mom. I launched them." (Apparently the duplos were in the form of a rocket that he really thought he could throw launch it into the air?)

All in all, we're just enjoying spring...

The boys can't spend enough time outside. Charlie stood at the window for about twenty minutes the other day, babbling and watching his brothers play outside in the sand box and "garden" (it was actually a mechanic shop for Cal that day). It was very cute, because he was so enthralled with their activities.

Henry and Calvin went outside to play in the rain because that is an irresistible pull when you've got rainboots and a rainjacket. Cal came in slightly damp. Henry came in looking like he had been swimming. Seriously, the kid was drenched. Under his hood. Under his rain jacket. Inside his boots. Dripping. Squishing when he walked. And ecstatic about it.

Calvin is excited that bugs and worms are out again. He thinks about them. And talks about them. A lot. He and Lily made a worm hotel in the back yard the other day after the rain and they watched the worms for the better part of the early evening...He proudly "got" a "very small fly" the other day by slapping it very hard. Against someone else's car in the parking lot...And he also came up with this very accurate mosquito diguise. I wouldn't even know how to go about looking like a mosquito, but Cal nailed it, I think.

One of the cutest developments lately is that Henry has taken to calling Charlie "ChaCha." What makes it even more adorable is that Henry says his "ch" like a "ts" or like the z's in "pizza." I hear him talking to him: "No, no, TsaTsa. You can't play with this. But you can have this." "Here's a cracker, TsaTsa." We're all pretty much enamored with TsaTsa. It's like serious baby love fest. We can't help it. Could you?

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